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For years now I’ve been hearing about this great little device called the MagicJack.  I’m not normally one to be tricked into buying products I see on TV but this one has been around so long I couldn’t help but be convinced it works just by its staying power.

You pay $40 for a little box that you connect to your regular phone line and then $19.95 a year thereafter and you now have a second phone line, for a a fraction of a fraction of what the phone company would charge you.  Of course I knew that you had to have high speed internet access for this device to work, but I figured, who doesn’t have that these days?

The whole thing sounded easy enough and it really was a simple setup process, but what I didn’t know is that the little magical phone box must be connected to your computer and it must be on at all times that you want your phone to work.

The sound quality was nothing short of a joke and I only received calls when my computer was on.

Before throwing it away my friend decided she wanted to try it.  Since I was just going to ditch it, I gave her my little attachment and account and she set it up at her house.

I have high speed internet from the phone company and she is convinced that is the problem.  She thinks that having her kind of high speed internet is better because it comes from the cable company.

So she hooked up MagicJack to her computer and it worked just as badly for her as it did for me.

The call quality was nothing short of atrocious.

So save yourself the money my friends.  There is nothing magical about Magic Jack except how they trick you into giving them your hard earned money.