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I recently found a new channel called Wealth TV.  It’s a lot like the old Discovery channel was before it got big time.  Wealth TV features a lot of shows about interesting people and places.    One day I had the TV on and the remote was out of reach.  I confess I was to lazy to get up and find the remote to change the channel so I was forced to watch whatever they had on at the time and it happened to be a show about a miracle cure.

Now I should prerequisite this conversation pointing out that I don’t do illegal drugs, I don’t really even drink alcohol.  In fact, I don’t think I have had a drink in more than 7 years.  I don’t really have anything against drinking, I just prefer to avoid the after affects that it tends to cause.  Now that being said, back to my story.

This show was about this miracle cure.  The second I seen it was about medical marijuana I wanted to change the channel but as I said, I was really  just far to lazy to find the remote, so I watched on.

I’m really rather glad I did.  It turns out the pot is made up several parts, but two are more important than the others.  s here is the most well known part, the THC and then there is the part called CBD which is short for cannabidol.  Where the THC gives you the munchies and makes you paranoid, CBD has the opposite effect.  CBD is know to suppress your appetite and makes you feel relaxed and care free.  CBD also has been known to help patients relieve pain, reduce anxiety, inflammation, and nausea. It also functions as an anti-convulsive and anti-psychotic and even better, it’s great for treating post traumatic stress, like that which our soldiers come home from war with.

But the most interesting part of the story was the brain cancer part.  My little sister had a friend die of brain cancer before he was even 21 years old.  So to think there may actually be a cure now is just amazing to me.  Turns out CBD doesn’t exactly “cure” the cancer as much as it tricks it somehow into committing suicide.

But as great as that may sound it’s not the end all answer some people may be hoping for.  First there is the problem of the breeders.  For decades, marijuana breeders have worked to increase the THC levels of their plants in an attempt to get people as high as possible. That ended up being great for the pot heads who wanted a good high but for those who needed it for medical reasons, it was bad because more THC in the plant led to a reduction in CBD.

Next is the issue of distribution.  Turns out the CBD enhanced variety that will offer these medical cures isn’t something you smoke.  Smoking it will burn out the desired compound and is said to be the worst way to consume it.  Instead it is recommended to eat or use a vaporizer.    If you are interested in how to do such a thing you can use Google to do further research on that subject matter.

But here is the most interesting part of the story and the final and biggest obstacle of all.  There is a special, highly enhanced CBD version of this plant already produced and patented but the US government of all people.  Only this version isn’t something you smoke or eat … this is a liquid taken via a nasal spray.   You don’t get “high” like you would with normal pot because much of the THC has been removed.  Instead you get only the beneficial effects of the cannabidol.  It’s said to be so effective as a cure for social anxiety disorders including post traumatic stress syndrome that the Israeli government began putting a variation of this compound in the water to help their people in that war torn country.

Yet we can’t get it in the US, not even in states where medical marijuana is legal because it’s a patented “drug” owned by the federal government and on the federal level, pot in any form is not legal.

So as fascinating as this story was, it doesn’t seem, at least for now it really matters to those suffering with things like brain cancer because you can’t get your hands on this cure until some laws have been changed.

What I will say though is this show did change my views drastically.  I always though these medical marijuana laws where just a veiled attempt to legalize pot so that people could get  high and not risk going to jail.  I truly had no idea there really were amazing benefits if you take the let’s get high part out of the drug and just focus on the healing properties of the plant itself.