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I have a niece who is 14 years old, and a freshman in high school.  Her birthday is coming up and I asked her what it was she would like me to buy her.  While for the most part she knows I will get her anything she asks for, there are some exceptions and that is when it comes to fashion I tend to err on the side of conservatism.

So this year for her birthday my niece told me she wanted a pair of shoes but they were a little expensive.  No problem I said.  I was willing to go $100 or even as much as $300 for some nice shoes for her.  Truth is, she’s a great kid and makes perfect grades in school so she deserves a little something special for her 15th birthday.  So I had her forward me a link to the shoes she wanted me to buy her.

Imagine my surprise when she sent me a picture of these very high heels.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem whatsoever with an adult wearing these shoes.  I would wear them if I thought I could pull it off.  I think anyone over 18 years of age can no doubt look great in these shoes, but she is a child and I’m not about to buy her a $700 pair of shoes with a 6 inch heel.   Even without the heel, what teenager really needs a $700 pair of shoes?

When I protested at her desire to wear such shoes she got very testy with me about it saying how old fashioned and out of touch I was with the youth of today.  Girls like Miley Cyrus from the Disney Chanel wore them when her Hanna Montana character was her age and Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift wear them as well.  I attempted to remind her that each of the three girls she mentioned are all over 18 but she didn’t want to hear it.

bling shoes

Instead I suggested one or two inch wedges.  Something still with a heel, fashionable but not inappropriate.  That if she could find a nice pair of shoes that aren’t more than 2 inches, I would be willing to pay as much as $400 for them.

She wasn’t interested in the compromise.  So she decided instead she wanted this top she found online.  The top as it turns out was from target and cost less than $20.  Which of course I gladly bought for her.  And the funny part is, she doesn’t notice a difference between $700 shoes and a $20 shirt.  To her they are both the same.  The only real dispute in her mind was the size of the heel.  Ahhh teenagers.  Don’t you just love them? 🙂

shirt from target