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My niece and I have one thing in common, we always seem to have cracked lips.

We had heard two things and thought we would try them out.

Everyone always tells us to drink more water, that dehydration is a big part of why our lips are cracked. Okay got it. Drink more water. But what else can we do?

olive oil

She heard that you can try putting honey on your lips and I had heard you can try putting olive oil. So we decided to give it a 5 day test. She would apply honey every day for five days and I would apply olive oil.

To be as fair as possible we came up with a schedule so that we both did it the same way and the same amount of times.

We would each apply our ingredient (her the honey me the olive oil) three times a day, no more, no less. I was going to apply mine at 8 am, noon and 8 pm. She was going to do hers around the same times.

We also both agreed with the water thing that we would each make sure that during the 5 day period we would each drink exactly 5 bottles of water per day. This way we would know our water intake was similar.

So this wasn’t exactly a scientific expedition but in the end, we still wanted to try and exact as we could.

So did either work?

The honey didn’t. Her cracked lips were worse. She attributes that to the fact that she was to tempted to lick the honey from her lips and the more she licks, the worse her cracked lips got.

I however wasn’t tempted to lick my lips with the olive oil and maybe that is why it worked. My cracked lips were completely gone at the end of the 5 days.

Later on my niece decided to try olive oil herself, applying it to her lips 3 times a day, and that combined with the extra water intake seemed to work for her as well.