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Are you in love? Do you wonder if he will marry you? This old gypsy spell might be able to help.  The ritual takes a full day and must be done in order during the specified time to work. All you need to find out if the person you are with is the person you are going to marry is 1 small lemon and the next twenty four hours.


When you wake take a small lemon (do this as soon as you wake up tomorrow morning), and peel it. What you want are two equal pieces of the peel, each one should be able the size of a half-dollar. You should peel the lemon by hand.

To find if the one you love will become your spouse, do the following. Place the two pieces with the insides together and the peel sides out, and put them in your right-hand pocket. You need to leave them in there all day.

At night, when you undress for bed, take the peel from your pocket and rub the legs of the bed with it. Then place both pieces of the peel under your pillow and lay down to sleep.

As you close your eyes think about this person. You want to picture their face, the way they smile, the way they smell and something they have said to you in the past.

When you fall asleep, if you dream of your love, then this is indeed who you will marry.