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Lately all I’ve been hearing about is this real life Barbie doll, (some A Ukrainian model) who while she may be insane, she does in fact look a lot like a real barbie doll.



But this Ken? Seriously?

When I was a little girl I loved playing Barbies and the first thing that came to mind when I heard about a real life Ken, was how much the guy looked nothing like Ken. I couldn’t quite get why nobody else has pointed it out yet?


How is this guy anything like Ken? The most obvious things that come to mind ….

Ken was a blonde.

Ken was known for his alabaster skin.

Ken has blue eyes.

Some people say, well there was a brunette Ken. True, but the only difference between brown hair and blonde hair Ken was the color of their hair. This guy looks like neither of them. So why in the world is the media giving this freak with obvious mental issues so much attention?

If he actually looked like Ken, okay then but clearly he doesn’t.

That’s like going up to the crazy guy on the corner saying he’s the second coming of Jesus and then reporting what he has to say as if he really was the 2nd coming of Jesus.

In other words — just because this weirdo says he’s the real life Ken doesn’t make it so. Just use your eyes. Obviously anyone can see he’s not.

Can we be done with this nut job already?