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It seems a day doesn’t go by that you don’t hear something about one of the Kardashian clan and sometimes there are two or three different stories in a single day. Today is no different. First there was the story about Kim posting a naked preggo selfie.

Kim Kardashian Nude Pregnant Selfie

Next there was the story about Lamar Odam ambushed Khloe where she works out and then there was a story about Kendall Jenner getting a matching tattoo with her friend Hailey Baldwin – and that my friends is all in just one day.

Even presidential candidates don’t get the kind of news coverage the Kardashian family gets each and every day. In case you were curious over 47 million people follow Kim Kardashian alone on Instagram. In comparison, the most popular Republican candidate (Donald Trump) has 297,000 followers while Hillary Clinton, the democratic front runner has only 220,000.

Now if all of those stories in the news just today weren’t enough for you, there were also of course the fake news – you know those websites that for whatever reason post fake news stories. I’m not really sure why they do it but these fake news stories always seem to find their way around Facebook.

The one that caught my attention was about how there was a new Kim Kardashian sex tape. Of course it turns out that story wasn’t true. It was just a story to try and get you to click and read the fake news story so you’ll buy a copy of the original and they’ll make money. #annoying

Then another story grabbed my eye – A story about a Kylie Jenner sex tape. Now my first thought was, it was another one of those click bait, fake news sites. But no – it was OK! Magazine.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner only turned 18 yesterday. How in the world could she have a sex tape out already? I mean sure we’ve all been sort of suspecting it would eventually happen, but in one day?

This story I had to read.

The story is about a rumored sex tape with a then under-aged Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend, rapper Tyga, who himself was recently outed as having some sort of fling with a transsexual named Mia Isabella.

According to the story in OK! Magazine, the youngest of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner is “determined to be the new Kim” and wants to be a “Kim 2.0″ and apparently that is in more than just the looks area.

Will the real Kim Kardashian please stand up? It has become harder and harder over the past few months to differentiate between 17-year-old Kylie Jenner and her 34-year-old sister. And guess what? That is no accident! Find out how Kylie plans on becoming Kim 2.0!

The OK! Magazine story goes on to say that they spoke to a source who told them that she even made a sex tape with her boyfriend Tyga. Some people are speculating that she plans on releasing it once she is 18 – which of course was yesterday. And no, there wasn’t a release of a sex tape. The only video that surfaced was of the $300,000 car Tyga bought her for her birthday.

So is it possible that Kylie Jenner has a sex tape out there?

I don’t know — probably. But it doesn’t matter if she does or not because we’ll never see a single frame of it. The law is very clean in this matter. Even if she is no 18, she was under age when she filmed it (if the story is true) and that means it’s illegal. That makes it child porn. That means that she can’t ever release this footage and anyone who tries to leak it, does so at the risk of going to prison for possession and/or distributing child porn.

This is the reason we never seen the Kourtney Kardashian sex tape – because she was underage at the time she made it.

The only thing this tape will do is serve as evidence against her 25 year old boyfriend Tyga for having relations with someone who was underage at the time. And because there is such a big age difference (8 years) – it becomes a far more serious issue than most people let on. It can actually land Tyga in prison if any evidence ever were to come out that prove the two had sexual relations, with or without parental consent. It won’t matter. The law is clear on this matter.

So there you have it. Even if the tape is real, as OK Magazine is reporting, none of us will ever see it.

However that doesn’t mean she won’t film a new one now that she’s legally allowed to do so. Only time will tell.