I love my cat, I really do. But sometimes I really wonder about her and the crazy things she does. I’ve had her for years and then one day she started doing something different and I’m like great, thanks Callie. Just what I wanted, your butt in my face.

So I began to wonder, why does my cat stick her butt in my face?

Why does my cat stick her butt in my face?

Well according to the experts it’s a cat’s way of saying they trust you and want to be your friend.

What should you do in response? If you pet your cat, you are rewarding them for this behavior and telling the cat, hey I want to be your friend too.

If your cat sleeps on you with its butt in your face apparently that’s an enormous show of trust and thus you know your cat is happy and feeling secure with where he or she lives.

Cats presenting their butts, bellies and feet are bestowing The Ultimate sign of trust by giving you access to their most vulnerable areas.

So there you have it. Cat’s will stick their butt in your face when they love you, trust you and want to be your friend.

Then again that’s what the “experts” say. I personally say my cat is just being an ass and putting her butt in my face because she thinks it’s funny. That’s just like her. LOL

Seriously if you knew Callie you would so agree with me.