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The topics on this blog are about as random as it gets from cat to computers and everything in between. Today we are going to talk about technology, specifically a permission problem I ran into and had a bugger of a time fixing.

I have two computers – one is a Windows 7 computer, while the other runs on Windows 8.1.


After only four years of service, my Windows 7 computer gave out. It just stopped working one day. I was told it was probably the power supply but it turns out that wasn’t the case and after wasting $50 on a new power supply, I learn it’s probably the mother board.

Luckily I had my second computer. The problem was, I wanted all the data from my old computer but my hard drive on my Window 8.1 computer just wasn’t big enough.  So I went shopping on Amazon and found myself a nice little 5 TB external hard drive for only $129. It was such a great deal that after I got it in the mail I decided to go back and buy another one but the price had already shot up to almost $160.

So I opened up my old computer, took out the first hard drive and installed it on the 2nd computer. I plugged in the external hard drive I had purchased from Amazon and just drug all the files from the internal drive to my new hard drive.

The whole process took about 21 hours from 1 TB of data to transfer. Next I removed that internal hard drive and plugged in my 2nd hard drive from my old computer and repeated the process. Only this time I noticed that all the files didn’t transfer, specifically the Users Folder and My Google Drive folder. I couldn’t even get in to view what was in that folder, it kept denying me permission.

Of course the first thing I did was Google it. None of the 5 suggestions I found worked for me. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do so I decided to try something else out on my own and it worked, which is why I am now sharing this method with you, in case you run into the problem as well.

  1. Right click on the folder in question that is giving you problems
  2. Click properties and then select the securities tab. On that page you should notice one or two people with permissions here, you and “everyone”. At the very least, you should have you – as in your log in name. If your windows 8.1 username is not listed there, then you have the same problem I have.
  3. Click the sharing tab and then click the Advanced button — This will bring up a screen that says something about selecting users or groups.
  4. Click advance. Now select the OBJECT TYPES button. Un-check everything there except USERS – then click okay.
  5. Now on that same screen click FIND NOW. In my case 4 potential users came up, Administrator, Guest, HomeGroupUser$ and my actual Windows 8.1 log in username and email.
  6. Select your Windows 8.1 log in username and then click okay. It will take you to another screen listing your name in the box. Now click okay again.
  7. On the next screen make sure you ALLOW yourself permissions for all three (check all three allow boxes) for Full Control, Change, and Red. Then click OK.
  8. Now click OK again on the next screen, this confirms you want to save all you have previously done. Now click close and you now have granted yourself permission to access and do whatever you want with that particular folder.

Update – Here is something unrelated to the permissions problem – just something I noticed about the 5 TB external hard drive I mentioned in the article. As I said in the above story I purchased it for $129. When I was writing this story it went up in price to like $159. The other day I noticed it was back down to $139 and today it’s listed at $154. So if you are going to buy this thing, I would wait a few days until you can catch it at the lower price. Apparently it goes up and down in price every day. I have no idea why it would do something like that but every single day I have looked it has been listed at a different price.