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Growing up my  mother always cleaned my ears with Q-tips or more accurately, the off brand cotton swaps she picked up at the dollar store. 🙂

But today everyone is going on and on about how bad it is to do that. Basically they say that you should only use q-tips to clean your outer ear and never put a q-tip inside your ear. These experts claim it could do real damage.


I’m not a doctor so I don’t really know if that’s true but it’s all you seem to hear anymore so then that leaves us with the question …. how do you clean your ears if you can’t use a q-tip or cotton swab?

Turns out the solution is simple and brilliant. What you will need is a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a towel.

hydrogen peroxide

Pour one cap full of hydrogen peroxide in your left ear. It will immediately start popping as it clears out the buildup of wax in your ear. Eventually the popping will slow down — This might however take up to a full minute.

Now take your towel and lay it across the pillow on your bed. Lay down on your bed on your left side. You will want to remain lying on your side for about two minutes. This will allow proper drainage of all the liquid out of your ears.

After about 60 seconds it will slow down. Don’t get up just yet, even if you are sure the popping has stopped. Stay there another 60 seconds and you’ll find a few more bubbles pop as some of the further down liquid drains out.

Now go back into the bathroom and pour one cap full of hydrogen peroxide in your right ear.  Again stand there for at least 60 seconds as the hydrogen peroxide does its thing with the wax in your ear.

Now go back to your bed and lay down on your bed on your right side. Again stay there for about two minutes.

So there you have it. Now you have perfectly clean ears without using a q-tip. Congrats!