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Today I read a story about women in Saudi Arabia. The article said that we should celebrate because for the first time women in that country could vote and that 130,000 women registered to vote.

The article called this a victory for women’s rights. I mean sure, women in that country still can’t drive a car or go out of the house alone and without the permission of their husband’s buy baby steps, eh?

Saudi women wait for their drivers outsi

Well then I got to wondering, is 130,000 women a big number? It sounds big by itself, but 130,000 out of what? I mean how many women really lived in Saudi Arabia? So I Googled it and it said that Saudi Arabia had a total population of about 28.83 million as of 2013 and that about 44% of those people were female. So that means that there are almost 13 million females out there and that was as of 2013. The population has grown in the last two years.

So what we are talking here is less than 1% of the total female population in the country registered to vote.

Some people may argue that it’s a symbolic step in the right direction.

I say it’s a joke! A horrible horrible joke that we are celebrating the 1% of women who registered to vote when the other 99% of them were either not allowed to, or to scared for their lives to do so!

This isn’t something to celebrate. This is something to be outraged over.

You might think there is nothing you can do to help those women all the way over in the middle East but you would be wrong. You can make a conscience decision not to support any person or company who does any sort of business of any kind with anyone in Saudi Arabia.
Show the world that you aren’t going to stand by and let this kind of abuse towards females happen. You are going to do the right thing, by speaking with your pocket book!

People may not give a crap about what we have to say but I promise you, they do care about your money.