It’s seems that not a week can pass that I don’t hear someone talking, no make that raving about coconut oil.

Coconut Oil

Just this week a good friend of mine tweeted that she was going to give it a try for her dry hair and another friend from high school posted on Facebook how she uses it for a moisturizer and saves $100 a month and has better results.

So I decided to do my research. According to a bazillion different articles on the internet, coconut is the answer to any and every problem you can think of.

Dry hair, dry skin, dry and cracked lips, dandruff both both humans and dogs. It can reduce the signs of scars and stretch marks.

I could go on and on but I think you get the point. Coconut oil is fabulous. The only problem is, I’m not a fan of coconuts. I really don’t like the taste or the smell. That is honestly what has always held me back. Until now …

But I gave in and decided I would give it a try anyway. I have two specific problems … first of all, a few years ago my forehead of all places started itching. It was oddly dry. I never really had an issue with dry skin on my face before but for some reason my forehead decided to get weird as I aged.

The next problem I have is my hair. About a year ago I cut all my hair off. I had such a serious problem with dry and damaged hair in the back that it would get all twisted and knotted up when I slept.

My solution – cut it all off! Yes, I know never cut your hair when you are PMSing. Lesson learned!

But the benefit of this insane act is that now my hair would grow in all healthy and wonderful, right?


While that was true for the rest of my hair, since I don’t use a blow dryer or anything like that on my hair. For some reason, the very back of my hair was still having problems. It was growing back like the rest, only the damage from before was still there. It was still extremely dry and unlike the rest of my hair.

Everyone in the world I spoke to about this suggested … you guessed it … coconut oil.

So hell, I did it. I purchased a jar of coconut oil from my local grocery store. I made sure that what I was buying was pure. In other words, the only ingredient should be coconut oil. You want to make sure you get 100% pure coconut oil.

Much to my surprise, when I opened the jar it wasn’t a liquid. Turns out coconut oil is a solid that melts extremely quickly with even the slightest heat. In fact, if you were to scoop a little bit out with your fingers, just the head of your own body would melt it into a liquid state.

I started with my forehead. I scooped some out with my fingers and rubbed it in. The first thing I realized is that I didn’t really even notice the smell. That made me happy. I really wasn’t a fan of coconut. It reminded me of those cheap tanning stuff.

It felt soothing and so I decided to just keep going and rub it all over my face and my lips. I don’t know why, but I did.

Next I took a bigger scoop, again still using my hand. As I rubbed my fingers together it melted and I put it in my hair, specifically the back part of my hair that was so dry and icky.

It soaked up the first application rather quickly. So I took another scoop and did it again. By the time 15 minutes had passed, my hair was completely dry, as if I hadn’t put anything on it.

I decided to give it another try, only this time put it in my entire hair.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect some magical fix in just one application. I really was just experimenting.

So I used about three scoops with my hands and rubbed it all over my hair, making sure to massage it into the scalp as suggested by one of the zillion other articles I read about using coconut oil on your hair.

When I was done and I was sure my hair was thoroughly saturated, I took one more scoop and again rubbed it into the worst part of my hair in the back.

I then left it on all night.

When I woke up the next morning I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I took a shower, I had to wash it twice, but when it was all said and done I was very happy with the results, even after just one day.

The part of my hair that was normal, the non weird dry patch, was shiny and smooth. I had never had any conditioner that gave it that look.

The back of my hair, the problem area, was still not perfect – but I didn’t expect a one day, one application cure. But it was noticeably improved. I think in time if I continue to apply the coconut oil on my hair every day or at least a few times a week, I may very well solve that problem.

Now as for my skin. I didn’t think I noticed a difference. That was until I went to put my makeup on the next morning. Right away I noticed a difference. My liquid base went on smoother than before and it was at that point, I was hooked.

I got what my friend was saying about using coconut oil on her face as a moisturizer. Even with just a single application, one day of using it, I noticed a real result.

I hate to say it, but I’m hooked!

Fad or not, I don’t care. I love coconut oil.