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I don’t get ScentBird, the monthly box subscription service for high-end perfumes. I can’t imagine spending $14.95 a month just for perfume, so I decided to do some math.

Sexy Amber Michael Kors

Moschino Fresh Couture sells for about $32 online which is 3.4 fluid ounces (100.5 ML). This works out to be about $9.41 an ounce. So why would I pay ScentBird $14.95 and get a .27 oz (8 ml) bottle?

Some argue that with ScentBird you can try out various high-end perfumes to find one you like. Okay, but if I wanted to find out one I like, I would do it for FREE by going to the mall.

Why in the world would I pay $14.95 a month to have you send me a high end “sample” and hope that I like it? No thanks.

Basically, any perfume you buy from ScentBird will cost you about $55.37 per fluid ounce, since they charge you $14.95 a month for an 8 ml bottle of your chosen perfume.

Moschino Fresh Couture is available online for $9.41 per fluid ounce.

Moschino Fresh Couture

So again, why would you pay $55.37 for something you could pay $9.41 for? That makes no sense. That’s just crazy.

Maybe that was just one bad example. I decided to check out some of their other options just to be fair. I took the top 5 best selling scents from the Scent Bird website and Googled just how much I could buy them from other online retailers.

  1. The Architects Club by Arquiste $190 for 3.4 fl oz $55.88 per fluid ounce
  2. Brit Sheer by Burberry $35.52 3.3 fl oz $10.76 per fluid ounce
  3. Carven Le Parfume by Carven Parfumes $44.95 1.7 fl oz $26.44 per fluid ounce
  4. Gold by Commodity $105 3.4 fl oz $30.88 per fluid ounce
  5. Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana $35.01 1 fl oz $35.01 per fluid ounce

So it turns out you save money almost every time (but not always) by just buying the perfume you like online.

For example, Brit Sheer by Burberry, you can buy it online for $10.75 per fluid ounce or get it at Scent Bird for $55.37 per fluid ounce.

The only perfume I found actually cheaper in the top 5 best selling was The Architects Club by Arquiste which cost $190 for a 3.4 fl oz bottle which works out to be like $55.88 per fluid ounce. You only save $0.51 by buying it from scentbird. Not even a whole dollar!

The Architects Club by Arquiste

So yeah, I stand by my original theory, I don’t get why so many people will pay so much more for something by buying it from Scentbird when they can just buy it directly for a fraction of the cost?

If you could buy something for $10 from one place, why would you go to another and pay $55?