As I get older I have found that I’m starting to look for services that make my life easier. Time is the one thing I just don’t seem to have enough of.

As I’ve talked about before, I use grocery services like Walmart grocery where I just place an order online and go pick up my order without even having to get out of my car. I know that sounds lazy and it is. LOL But it also saves me about an hour or so a week. That’s an hour I can never get back. That’s an hour I can spend doing things that matter to me.

Another thing I’ve done recently is check into some food delivery services, especially love having my food delivered right to my door on weekends when I want to do nothing but relax.

The one I’ve been using the most is called Door Dash. Until recently I’ve had no problems with them. But then again, it only takes once before what seems like a dream can become a total nightmare.

It was raining last night and I didn’t feel like getting out to pick up food or even cook anything at home. So instead I placed an order with Sonic and had DoorDash.com deliver it to me.

About half an hour later I got a phone call from the delivery driver. This was the first time that has happened to me. He wasn’t really making a lot of sense and he wasn’t speaking in full and complete sentences. It was mostly just mumblings about the weather, and not sure where I live (as best I could gather).

I explained that I was new to the area so I wasn’t sure what the cross streets near me even were and suggested he instead called door dash support for help. He declined. I asked, don’t they provide you something like Google maps to find your deliveries? No response.

Finally, after about 5 minutes of this, I said that maybe he should just call another dasher and have them deliver my order. “No, I have your food”. Okay, fair enough. After another few minutes of this, I said you know it’s fine. Just go ahead and cancel my order. It’s not worth this much drama and stress just to get a burger from Sonic. I repeated t hat i wanted to just cancel 3 times. He was like “No, no I”m right here.”

In fact, he was right here that last time, as I seen him pull up in front of my house.

I was amused to find he was driving a large truck. By the way he was going on about the rain, I assumed he was in a tiny car that he was worried might float away. This guy’s truck was so big he could probably drive through 2 or 3 feet of water and it not be a problem. So why was he bitching about 2 inches?

As it was raining quite a bit, I suggested he pull into my driveway so he wouldn’t get so wet. He said “oh okay” but decided instead to pull right into my front yard with his big ass truck. No, he didn’t reverse. He left his big ass truck in my front yard, got out, ran up to my door to deliver my food and then went back to his truck.

As you know, when it rains dirt becomes mud. So when you drive through someone’s front yard it kills off the grass and makes large muddy holes in your yard. To repair this is will probably cost me a few hundred dollars. Know what DoorDash did when I reported it?

They sent me a nice email telling me they were sorry for my troubles and give me a whole $5 credit for the hassle. $5. LOL

By now it was 10 pm on a Sunday night, I figured not much else I could do. I couldn’t even go out and take pictures of the damage. I knew I would have to wait until the morning so I went to bed. I woke up with a new message from customer support, informing me not to worry they were fully insured. But to get help I would have to file a claim against my homeowner’s insurance.

Now I’m a renter so I can’t file a claim but even if I was a homeowner I wouldn’t file a claim. No way in heck would I do that. Everyone knows that if you file a claim it makes your premiums skyrocket.

Long story short, my $15 Sonic order just got me about $500 in damage to my lawn. And the budget wasn’t even that good.

I was more than willing to pay over-inflated prices for delivery because I’m lazy and don’t want to go out and pick up my own food. But this was far more than I bargained for.