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We previously talked about how to make money on the Township app. Usually, when I play these downloadable games on my phone, I get bored of them in a few days or even a few weeks, but months later and I’m still absolutely in love with this game.

Once you get into the higher levels of the game it does become easier to make money but it also becomes a struggle to manage your barn (inventory) size. But if you can keep that in check and stop hoarding goods, like me, you should be fine.

Right now what we are going to do is some farming math. Previously I mentioned how you should always be doing something to make money. Like farming …. plant wheat, grow it, sell it, repeat.

Plant 1 Wheat for 0 coins. Sell it for 1 coin. Wheat takes 2 minutes to grow.

You can plant 1 Jasmine for 25 coins and sell them for 37 coins. While you get more profit per plant with Jasmine it takes much longer to grow, 3 hours and 30 minutes. So the question is, which is really the fastest way to make money?

The answer is, you make about 0.000139 gold coins per second with wheat and 0.000001 with Jasmine. In other words, you make .000138 gold coins per second more by planting wheat than you do Jasmine.

It’s 5 times more profitable to grow strawberries than Jasmine. And even more profitable to grow Corn. Let’s look at a chart.

Item Min Sec Profit  Profit per Min
Wheat 2 120 1 0.008333
Jasmine 12600 12 0.000952
Strawberry 60 3600 6 0.001667
Corn 5 300 2 0.006667
Carrot 10 600 3 0.005000
Sugar 20 1200 4 0.003333
Cotton 30 1800 5 0.002778
Bread 345 5 0.014493

If you look at the chart above you will see that wheat is the most profitable item per minute, then corn, then carrot, then sugar, then cotton, then strawberry and then jasmine coming in last. Those are the raw items.

But if you take those raw items and make something with them, that’s when the profit really heats up.

It takes a total of 345 seconds to make a single loaf of bread, that is because of course, first you have to grow the wheat, and then make it into bread. But even with the extra time it still brings you the most money per second — 0.014493

With corn, you make a measly 0.006667 gold coins per second of your time. But that doesn’t work out for everything. You actually make more money per second by growing corn and selling it outright than by turning it into chips. It takes 3 corn to make a chip and 345 seconds. In the end, you profit 0.005 for selling that chip but you would have profited 0.006 by selling the corn as soon as you grew it.

What about on the really high end? Like silk … It takes a long time to grow raw silk, 15 hours (or 54,000 seconds) and in the end that works out to be a profit of 0.000241 gold coins per second. If you take that silk and make it into fabric, that will take you an amazing 58,320 seconds, but you’ll make far more money per second which is 0.001715. Still, not enough to really be worth your time though.

So I guess what we really learned from all of this is, even at higher levels the best way to make money is still planting wheat. Only instead of selling it outright, take some of it and turn it into bread, then sell that bread as fast as you can make it.

It seems to be the most money you’ll make per second in the game.

Yes, you’ll make good money in your zoo. But I’m talking about the fastest, most reliable way. The zoo only allows you to sell specific (random) items and only in very limited quantities. Right now I can sell an ear of corn for 5 gold instead of 3 but I can only sell 5 ears of corn at a time at that price. I have to wait 15 minutes to sell 5 more ears of corn at that higher price. While a great bonus, it’s still not enough to really be my main source of income.

** By the way don’t forget to activate your harvest bonus so all the prices I mentioned are now doubled since you will harvest 2 items at a time instead of just the one.

The most profitable items are —

  • Bread – .869 gold coins per minute or 52.173 per hour
  • Wheat – .5 (half a gold coin) per minute or 30 gold coins an hour
  • Corn – .4 gold coins per minute or 24 gold coins per hour
  • Chips – .3018 gold coins per minute or 52.173 gold coins per hour
  • Carrots – .3 gold coins per minute or 18 gold coins per hour
  • Rose Jam = .200 gold coins per minute or 12.045 gold coins per hour

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