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Every day millions of people pull out their phones and search for all kinds of crazy things, including news about their favorite celebrities.

So that got me thinking, just who is more famous, Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian? Well if we base it on how many times a day someone Googles them, we know that answer is Kim Kardashian, but just barely.

Who's More Famous - Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian

Over the past twelve months, Kim Kardashian gets slightly more searches than Taylor Swift does. They both get upwards of 10 million monthly searches each. But according to Google Trends, Kim Kardashian inches out Taylor Swift with a rating of 36, to Taylor Swift’s 34.

In the graph blue in Kim Kardashian and red is Taylor Swift.

Talking about cutting it close!

So be honest, who is your favorite, Kim or Taylor? Tell us in the comments down below!

Do you love Taylor for her music of Kim for her drama?