Vitamin Vitality – The ultimate reference to vital nutrients for our body


Most people today depend on vitamins to give their body all the necessary elements to keep the body working at its optimum. The dependency on vitamins is mainly due to the fact that there is often no time for a person to stop and have a well-balanced meal and a lot of food choices today are definitely do not make up the complete vitamin body needs. Get all the info you need here.

The Role Of Vitamins For Body Nutrition

The vitamins are essential nutrients, which are part of a necessary process that helps to release energy from foods within its makeup and from those consumed to keep the skin, nerves, and red blood cells in constant rejuvenating mode.

The Basics

The two types of vitamin groups would be categorized as fat-soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins. The fat-soluble vitamins are vitamins A, D, E, and K, and they are all usually found in the fat content in foods. Sources of these may also be found in food items such as vegetable oils, nut, egg yolk, fish oil, whole grains, and deep green leafy vegetables.

As for the water-soluble vitamins these come in the form of vitamin B, C, and B complex. Containing elements such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, biotin, and Pantothenic acid which are all that the body needs to carry out specific functions to ensure optimum working if all the body systems.

All these vital ingredients that the body needs and cannot get from the daily diet can be gotten by taking the appropriate combinations and amounts of multivitamins and mineral supplements. However, caution should be exercised when taking these vitamins and minerals as some of them don’t work well together and for some body systems, it may end up being stored and may eventually cause toxic conditions. This is especially so other medications are being consumed at the same time.

The Risk Of Vitamin Deficiencies

Vitamin consumption has not yet reached the ideal where anyone and everyone is able to get the body’s daily needs on a regular basis. Some of the reasons include the high cost of supplements and minerals, the inappropriate diet plans, the lack of nutritional food intake, the lack of availability of fresh food produce such as fresh vegetables and fruits, and of course the ever-prevalent consumption choice of unhealthy food items.

The Risks

Vitamin deficiencies can contribute to a host of diseases and also the lack of total optimum body functions. These may be clearly shown in the person’s inability to function daily with mental alertness and physical execution of functions accurately and precisely, and the presence of frequent tired spells.

The high-risk groups that would more likely suffer from vitamin deficiencies would be the elderly, adolescents, young or pregnant and lactating women, alcoholics, cigarette smokers, vegetarians, people fasting or on dietary interventions, laxative abusers, users of contraceptives and analgesics and other medication for chronic diseases and people with specific disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Besides these people who live hectic lifestyles or those who have very little physical activity in their daily schedules will also be another group that would most likely suffer from vitamin deficiencies.

Some of the more pronounced deficiencies such as lack of vitamin A are known as the leading cause of preventable blindness, diseases, and severe infections occurring in children. Lack of vitamin D in the diet could lead to brittle bones as this vitamin is essential for strong bone formation and growth.

The vitamin E supplement will play a role in supporting brain growth, cardiovascular, and respiratory system functions. Lack of vitamin B is also detrimental to the overall health condition of the body system as it is the main element in the manufacturing of the red blood cells that keeps the nervous system working efficiently.

Types Of Vitamins

Getting all the body’s nutrient requirements can be done so through the consumption of vitamins on a daily or regulated basis. There are two basic categories of vitamins which are water-soluble and fat-soluble.

The water-soluble vitamins would be vitamins B and C, while the fat-soluble one would be Vitamins A, D, E, and K. The water-soluble vitamins would be flushed out of the body system on a regular basis, thus the need to consume daily doses of this type group.

The fat-soluble vitamins are usually stored in the body’s fatty tissues, thus the need to use these to prevent unnecessary retention that would and could cause negative medical complications.

Types: The following is a list of some of the more prominently featured vitamins that are commonly recommended and consumed:

  • Vitamin A – this plays a role in improving eyesight and maintaining healthy skin conditions. It can be sourced from eggs, milk, apricots, spinach, and sweet potatoes.
  • Vitamin B – this particular vitamin has other breakdown sections which includeB1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, folic acid, biotin, and Pantothenic acid.
  • These generate energy that the body needs for daily functions and it also actively participates in making red blood cell that carries the oxygen throughout the body system.
  • These can be sourced from wheat, oats, fish, seafood, leafy greens, milk, yogurt, beans and peas.
  • Vitamin C – this vitamin helps to strengthen the gum and muscles, while also helping to heal wounds and overcome infections. The main source of which is from tomatoes, cabbages, broccoli and strawberries.
  • Vitamin D – strengthens the bones and teeth and also aids in the absorption of calcium. It can be found in fish, egg yolk, milk, and some other dairy products.
  • Vitamin E – takes care of the lung functions and also helps in the formation of red blood cells. It can be found in nuts, leafy greens, oats, wheat and milk.

Source Of Vitamins From Food

Although natural foods are rich in a variety of vitamins, it should be noted that a lot of these vitamins are lost due to storage, cooking, and handling.

Therefore it is important to take careful care of the natural food items so that the integrity of the item is kept intact. Some vitamins should not be taken with other medications and some combinations of vitamins are also not suitable.

For the best results, a medical professional should be consulted so that a suitable combination can be designed to suit the individual’s needs and lacks.


The following is a general outline of the various food sources of the more common vitamins:

  • Vitamin A – beef liver, fatty fish, milk, egg yolks, and cheese.
  • Vitamin C – oranges, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, broccoli, collard greens.
  • Vitamin D – canned sardines, mackerel, herring, shrimp, fortify milk.
  • Beta carotene – peaches, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, acorn squash.
  • Vitamin E – wheat germ oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, spinach, wheat germ, butter, eggs, and oats.
  • Vitamin K – turnip green, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, and beef liver.
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamine) – wheat germ, ham, beef liver, peanuts, green peas, pork, and brown rice.
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – beef liver, milk, yogurt, avocados, collard greens, and yeast.
    Vitamin B3 (niacin) – chicken, salmon, beef, peanut butter, potatoes, sunflower seeds, and prunes.
  • Vitamin B% (Pantothenic acid) – beef liver, eggs, avocados, mushrooms, milk, nuts, and green vegetables.
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) – bananas, avocados, beef, chicken, fish, seeds, and cabbage.
  • Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) – beef liver, clams, tuna, yogurt, milk, cheese, and eggs.
  • Folic acid (vitamin BC) – beef liver, spinach, orange juice, romaine lettuce, beets, carrots, egg yolk, avocados, and apricots.
  • Biotin – beef liver, almonds, peanut butter, eggs, oat bran, unpolished rice, meat and dairy products.

Choosing The Right Vitamins

Even the most comprehensive diet plan often fall short of meeting all the daily needs of nutrition intake for anyone from children to adults. Some of the reasons for these imbalances are such as improper diet plans, too much fast and convenient food consumption, not enough fruits and vegetables being featured prominently in the daily diet.

Here is where the nutritional support of the vitamins can come in handy. However, it would be folly to simply assume and all vitamins are suitable for everyone alike.

Some considerations should be made such as lifestyles, availability of natural food products, individual health concerns, and many other factors that play a dominant role in deciding the suitable vitamin choice to be consumed.

Selecting: Almost all medical experts still believe the best source of vitamins is still from natural foods but due to a variety of reasons it is not always possible to get the daily requirement through this one source, thus the need to create a balance with the addition of vitamins into the daily nutrition regiment.

Most experts advocate the consumption of a daily dose of multivitamins, which is usually enough to adequately address any lack if the individual is already on a fairly healthy diet plan.

However, if the individual is already on other medication for treating other medical conditions this may not be a suitable option to consider. Some vitamins do not react well to certain medications and this should be carefully considered to avoid any adverse effects to the body system while taking both without a doctor’s consultation.

Lactating women and pregnant women require a whole range of other vitamins to help balance any lack due to the conditions they are in. Similarly, those who are in the older age group may also require higher doses of vitamins or a different variety when compared to the younger group, as older people tend to eat less and their daily diets usually do not contain all the necessary vitamins that the body needs.

Vitamins For Infant

It has long been an established fact, that most infants who feed on breast milk really do have a complete and wholesome nutritional balanced diet and the parents do not have to worry about any lack.

However, in recent years, research has shown that a lot of pregnant and lactating women do not follow a complete and healthy diet plan for themselves and this in turn affects the infant’s overall health.

In some cases, there may be a need to supplement an infant diet plan with specifically identified vitamins. Under no circumstances should an infant be fed with over the counter vitamins without the approval of an experienced medical practitioner.

For Baby

Some infants may need vitamin D supplements if the daily consumption of milk is less than 32 ounces of formula or breast milk, although it may be a little harder to gauge the amount of milk being consumed if it is not expressed into a bottle.

Premature babies and babies who are born with medical problems may need the assistance of vitamin supplements to help in their fight to stay healthy and grow accordingly.

This is also applicable to mothers who have had previous medical problems thus may not be able to provide all the complete and necessary vitamins to the fetus when carrying the child to term.

Some mothers who follow a vegetarian diet while pregnant may also need to consider some sort of vitamin supplement for the infant at some point after the initial first 6 months of the infant’s life.

Some popular recommendations that doctors may suggest for infants would include an iron supplement, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and DHA which is an important omega 3 supplement.

However, none of these should be incorporated into the infant’s diet without the specific recommendation of a doctor and even then it should be done only after a thorough medical examination has been conducted.

Vitamins For Adult

Most adults today are not able to get complete nutritional needs from their daily diet plan due to a variety of reasons. Even if the most healthy choices of foods are prepared and consumed daily, it does not necessarily mean that the optimum nutritional intake is achieved.

This may be due to the fact that some farming and preserving methods and even cooking or preparation methods contribute to the negative effects on the integrity of the natural food product itself, therefore by the time it is ready for consumption some of most of the original content value has been lost.

Lifestyles also affect the nutritional body’s needs, thus only after taking into account all these various factors should the ideal supplement choice be made.
For Grownups

Ideally, the daily diet should contain all the food groups such as fruit groups, vegetable groups, nut and grain sources, meat and protein sources, and legume groups.

However, for some reason or another, it is almost always impossible to create a balanced diet with all these groups included daily.

Deciding to take doses of vitamins as a substitute for proper food intake is also not something to consider as this is definitely not adequate for the body’s daily needs.

All adults should have all the following vitamins included in their daily diet plans:

Vitamin A – for daily cell reproductions and optimum immunity conditions to fight diseases. This is also needed for the formation of some hormones, helps in vision and bone growth, maintaining healthy skin, hair, and mucous membrane conditions.

Vitamin B – this is for production and maintaining of energy levels, conversion of carbs into energy sources, optimum functioning of the heart muscle, and nervous systems.
Vitamin B2 – important for body growth and reproduction capabilities, along with red cell growth and also releasing energy from carbohydrates.

Vitamins For Senior

For the senior person creating and sticking to an ideal diet plan for that age group can be quite a challenge. This is because there are many connective factors that dictate the well being of those in this age group.

These contributing factors may include the use of medication for certain ailments, the lack of energy or interest to prepare nutritional meals especially if it for only one person’s consumption, no access to shopping for fresh produce, and financial constraints.

None the less serious consideration should be given to ensuring the senior age group makes an attempt to keep to a diet plan that is both balanced and nutritious. This can be done with the assistance of vitamins to supplement any lack found in the diet plan or in the person’s medical makeup.

For Elders: The following are some of the vitamins that ideally should be considered for the consumption of this particular age group:

Vitamin D – this vitamin will help the body absorb the calcium since this age group is more prone to contracting osteoporosis. This vitamin also helps in the fight against most heart diseases which again is something this age group is susceptible to.

All the various vitamin Bs – the senior group often has trouble with creating its own stomach acid which is essential in being able to assist in converting certain foods into elements that the body can use.

Besides assisting in this area, it also helps with keeping the brain in prime condition so that memory loss and other brain debilitating diseases are kept at bay.

Vitamin K – this is especially useful to combat any onset of Alzheimer’s disease. It also helps the blood to clot more efficiently as most aged people will attest to having significant problems when it comes to controlling bleeding. In some cases, this vitamin has also been noted to be able to help in improving osteoporosis conditions.

Avoid Vitamins Overdose

There are a lot of reasons people tend to overdose on vitamins, and in some cases, they are not even aware of this condition until it shows up in some medical test which is brought on by an illness. Overdosing could be due to a number of reasons and most are simply due to the individual being careless or ill-informed.

Too Much: Taking vitamin supplements without proper medical supervision is also not advised as some vitamins don’t react well to other medications that the individual may be taking for certain medical conditions.

Taking these vitamin supplements may cause the other medications to mutate or at the very least become non-effective in treating the ailment it was prescribed to treat.

This of course could result in a very dangerous situation for the individual. Then there are also some vitamins that have been known to take away the effects of other vitamins when taken together. Following the dosage prescribed on the container is also very important for any deviation that could result in an overdose especially when taking extra just to make up for the skipped sessions.

Another way to ensure the individual is not likely to overdose on the vitamins taken is to have periodic blood tests done, as any negative elements will show up clearly in the reports drawn up from the rests.

Taking vitamin supplements simply because it is the thing to do is not enough a reason to start on this regimen. Also taking vitamins without considering the overall lifestyle of the individual is also not a good idea.

For some taking vitamin supplements is done so, in place of proper food intake, and this too is not wise. All these scenarios can and usually leads to either the body not being able to absorb the vitamin fast enough thus retaining them to possible negative medical complications, or having them wasted, as it simply flushes out of the body system unused.

I hope that now you are on your way to a better understanding of vitamins.


101 Money-Saving Tips


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1) Use solar powered light fixtures.

There are lots of light fixtures today that can be powered by the sunlight. In using them, you would be able to save lots of money, since your electricity bills would go down. All you have to do is to shop for these items at your local store, or even through the web. Some of these items are even very easy to install and are available in DIY kits.

2) Walk towards the grocery store.

The price of gasoline these days continue to go up, which is why it is a good idea to come up with ways to lessen your vehicle usage. One of which would be to walk towards the grocery store, especially if it is just a few blocks away from your place. Make it fun by walking with your spouse, so that aside from saving money, you both can also shed some weight.

3) Open your windows instead of turning on the fan.

When it is hot, you may want to turn on the fan or even your air conditioning system, in order to improve the temperature at your place. To save money, instead of using them, you can always open up your windows. By doing that, you can benefit from fresh air, aside from saving money. To make it cooler, you can always put some ice in front of the fan if you want to.

4) Turn off your computer when not in use.

There are lots of people today who turn on their computers at the beginning of the day and only turn it off before sleeping at night. If you are one of them, then you should turn it off, prior to stepping outside your place. By doing that, you can ensure that you would be consuming lesser amounts of energy. Aside from that, it can also prolong the life of your computer.

5) Clean your own car.

The cost of having your car washed through a car washing station on a weekly basis, can easily pile up over the months.  Thus, if you are going to wash your own car, then you would be able to save lots of money. Aside from that, it can also provide you the exercise that you need, in order to stay as fit as you can be.

6) Turn off the television.

Becoming addicted to television is one of the things that can cause your electricity bills to soar higher. Thus, you need to turn it off, when you are not watching. Aside from that, you should also minimize the times that you try to watch TV, when you are actually doing another thing.

7) Turn off the lights at your place when you leave.

You may feel more secure in leaving your place while the lights are turned on. However, it can be one of the factors that affect your energy bills. Thus, you should turn the lights off when you leave. If you want, you can still leave just a single light on, so that you would feel secure when you go out.

8) Ride the bus instead of using your car.

If you are going somewhere, which is not possible to reach by merely walking, then you should ride the bus, instead of using the car. Riding a bus or a train can only cost you a few dollars, compared to filling up your car with lots of gasoline. Just prepare earlier, and take note of the schedule of the bus, so that you won’t be late.

9) Be healthy.

The cost of medicines today continues to go up, especially when it comes to antibiotics. To ensure that you won’t have to reach for your pocket to buy them, you need to maintain your health. To achieve that, you should get enough exercise on a regular basis. Aside from that, you should also take a multivitamin supplement in conjunction with a healthy diet.  

10) Don’t turn on the water faucet at its maximum level.

When you take a bath, there is no need to turn on the water at its maximum level, especially if you are not in a rush. Turning it at higher levels can make your water bills soar high. Thus, if you take control of it, then you should be able to save some money by conserving water more effectively.

11) Try to enjoy leftovers.

When you eat at restaurants, cook up some delicious meals for a family gathering or prepare for a birthday party, you can be sure that you would have a bunch of leftovers inside your refrigerator after. Heating them up for your meals instead of throwing them away could save you a lot of money.

12) Cook your own meals.

Cooking your own meals could help you save lots of money. This is because buying the ingredients for a certain recipe is definitively more affordable, than eating out in restaurants or fast-food chains. Just make sure to cook healthy meals, so that you can also ensure that you are getting the nutrients you need.

13) Buy basic things at wholesale prices.

There are lots of basic things that a person needs, and buying them in retail prices can pile up the cost. Thus, it is best if you buy them in bulk since that would give you a chance to purchase them at wholesale prices. In doing this, you would be able to save lots of money, aside from the fact that you can have a good supply of your needs.

14) Shop online.

Shopping online can give you an opportunity to save some amounts of cash. If you do your research, you would find out that most items found through the internet are more affordable than those that are sold in local stores. The reason behind this is that online stores have lesser overhead expenses. Thus, shopping in a modern way should help you save up some cash.

15) Buy used items.

Buying used items compared to buying those that are brand new is definitely more affordable. Thus, if you want to save money, then you should begin shopping around for used products. To find them, you can always go through the internet, visit garage sales, or check out some local auctions.

16) Buy an alternative.

When you do your research, you would find out that lots of products that you need have available substitutes. Thus, you should consider purchasing the substitutes of the items that you need, which are more affordable but can offer you the same thing. For example, instead of buying a high end branded item, you can check out its equally competitive alternative, which can offer the same features at a lower price.

17) Look for coupons.

There are lots of coupons available today, which you can access through the internet. These coupons can offer you discounts on certain fast-food chains, restaurants, as well as in local stores. All you have to do is to sign up for the websites that offer them and follow the simple instructions provided.

18) Take advantage of the sale, especially after the holidays.

Taking advantage of sales, especially those that are offered after the holidays can help you save lots of cash. For example, in most cases, decorations would become very affordable after the Christmas season. Thus, if you want to save money, you can always purchase them for the following year.

19) Credit card promotions.

Credit card promotions are offered every now and then, in which it can provide you a way to save some money through gift cards, gift checks, or discounts on certain stores and restaurants. Some can even offer a cashback option, for a certain amount of credits used, or when you purchase from certain stores.

20) Fix things up yourself.

Before tossing out an item, you should see if you can repair it yourself first. By doing that, you would be able to save money by not having to purchase a new one. To fix something up, you can always ask your friends for tips regarding it. Aside from that, you can also check out some troubleshooting tips through the internet. 21. Avoid spending through credit cards.

21) Cash is your friend.

Spending through credit cards is one of the best ways to pile up your debt. Thus, if you want to save more money, you should purchase on a cash basis only. Save the credit cards for emergency situations only. Every item you purchase with the use of your credit card can add more to your existing debt and your monthly surcharge; thus, it is time that you leave them at home when you go out to shop.

22) Gaming at nights.

If you and your friends are quite fond of going out at night, especially on weekends, then you should invite them for a gaming night at your place. This would help you all in saving lots of money. All you have to do is to take out your favorite board game, buy some snacks and drinks, and enjoy a good time at your place, without spending lots of money in bars or coffee shops.

23) Watching movies at your place.

If your family wants to spend some time with you by watching a movie in town, you should consider watching one at your own house. Renting a video at a shop near your place should do the trick. Pair it up with some popcorn and sodas, and your family would have a great time with you, while you are not worrying about the total cost.

24) Swaps are good.

Swapping your things that you are not using anymore for a new item, is one of the ways of saving money when it comes to acquiring something new. Swapping can be done through the internet, with your friends, or with certain shops. You can swap your shoes, books, music, movies, games, gadgets, and more, for items that you want to have so that you won’t have to spend a dime in getting it.

25) Buying magazines at a newsstand.

If you are quite fond of certain types of magazines, buying them at the newsstand should be avoided. This is because they are usually priced too high when you purchase them from these types of stores. To save money, you can always subscribe directly to the magazine. Aside from that, check out their websites, since they might even offer e-magazines, which you can conveniently download into your computer for free or for a very affordable price.

26) The lottery.

If you are fond of playing the lottery, you should seriously think about your odds of winning it. There is very less likely that you would hit the jackpot in the lottery, and each time you play it, you are actually spending more cash. Thus, if you simply want to be entertained, then you should consider playing at a casino since the cost is pretty much the same, the odds would be better, and it can provide you with more entertainment.

27) Traveling.

In traveling, one of the best things that you can do in order to save huge amounts of money is to book way ahead of time. This is true, especially if you book online. Lots of airlines are actually offering discounts for early bookings today. Aside from that, you should also keep in mind that booking a vacation package is also more affordable, than booking your hotel, flights, and cars separately.

28) Your travel times.

To save up some money, you should be flexible when it comes to your traveling times. For example, in booking flights, if you are not in a hurry, red-eye flights are actually good to book in terms of saving cash, although you may not want your children to travel late. Aside from such types of flights, traveling to certain vacation spots during the off-season can also be a good idea, when it comes to saving on costs.

29) Going from one building to another.

If you are at a city center, where you are anticipating to move from one building to another to look for certain types of items, then you should park your car at a garage or parking area, which is located centrally. This way, it would allow you to leave it there, instead of driving it around town and consume more gasoline. With that, you would be saving more money, and even get some exercise.

30) Car rental insurance.

If a car rental company offers you an add on car rental insurance, you should stop for a moment, and think about your own auto insurance. Most auto insurance companies today provide policies, where your auto insurance coverage would also apply to your rental car. Thus, if this is the case, then you should decline the offer. However, it is still best to call your insurance provider for that, just to make sure.

31) Riding a bike.

When you are on your way to a place where it is a bit far for a walk, then you should make use of your bike. Biking can prevent you from using more fossil fuel, which can harm the planet, aside from costing you money. With that, you should always ride your bike, so that you consume lesser amounts of fuel, and save more money.

32) Talking to a travel agent.

If you are not getting anywhere in trying to book more affordable flights and accommodations online, you should know that many travel websites have travel agents working for them. They are usually reachable through their 800 numbers on a 24-hour basis. Thus, giving them a call should provide you with the assistance that you need, in order to find the package that you really want.

33) Having an affordable vacation.

During the holidays, people usually go to distant places to spend their vacations on. However, if your finances are quite tight or you simply want to save money, then you should consider having a vacation in the city where you are living. By doing that, you would be able to rediscover your place. Aside from that, since you won’t be going out of the place, you won’t have to spend quite a hefty sum of money on your flights.

34) Using the ATM.

It is always best to use your bank’s ATM machine, whether you want to process a withdrawal, fund transfer, or even just checking for your balance. This is because when you do these things in another bank’s ATM machine, you would be charged by that bank, as well as your own bank for certain fees.

35) The card’s annual fee.

There are credit cards today that offer free annual fees, while some do not. Credit card companies that charge annual fees may have added features into their cards. However, in most cases, such features are not very applicable to lots of people. Thus, it is best to choose cards that won’t charge you annual fees, so that you can save more money on a yearly basis.

36) Rate reductions.

If you are carrying a balance in your card and it has been like that for quite some time, then try to negotiate for rate reductions. There is a good chance that your credit card company would agree to this. This is because they don’t want to risk more defaults, since it is bad for their business. They would rather ask lesser amounts of money from you than suffer the consequences of more defaults.

37) Bundling insurance policies.

There are certain insurance providers today, which can offer not just auto insurance policies, but also homeowners, and other forms of insurances. If you want to save some money, you should ask your provider for possible discounts if you bundle your policies. When you do that, aside from saving money, it would also become more convenient for you, since you won’t have to deal with paying different providers.

38) Take advantage of deductibles.

If you want to reduce your monthly insurance premiums, then you should recheck your insurance coverage for possible deductibles. Deductibles are the amount of money that you need to shoulder in an event of an accident. Your premium would decrease when you have it since part of the risk would be transferred to you from the company. 

39) Paying insurance premiums.

When you pay your insurance premiums, you should do it way ahead of time. This is because insurance companies can offer you more discounts when you pay it before the due date. Thus, it is best if you ask your insurance provider about this so that you would be able to take advantage of it.

40) Have a savings account in more friendly banks.

There are certain banks these days that can charge you so many fees that you won’t even get the chance to earn any kind of interest. One of the fees that are quite common for some banks is called the maintenance fees. Thus, if you read your bank’s booklet and found this term, then you should consider switching banks as soon as possible.

41) Take care of your credit card debt.

One of the things that can add more to your monthly expenses is your credit card debt. This is because the higher your debt becomes, the more you need to pay in terms of its interest. In other words, you may end up paying for the interest each month, without even touching the principal amount you owe. Clear your credit card debt by applying for a low-cost loan, so that you can breathe easier.

42) Cutting your home phone bills.

Landlines or home phone services usually cost more than their VOIP counterparts. Thus, you should consider switching to a VOIP phone service and just maintain your mobile phones. Aside from that, you should also check with your local phone service provider, if they can provide you with the most basic service to cut down on costs.

43) Go to the grocery store after eating and not before.

When you go to a store to shop for groceries, it is always best to do it after grabbing a snack or eating lunch. This is because shopping in groceries when you are hungry can make you purchase food items, which you really do not need. In most cases, when you get home from shopping and eat lunch, you would realize later on that you have gone over your budget, for taking in too many food items. 

44) Shopping for clothes.

In buying your own clothing, you may have a tendency to purchase those that are heavily advertised by celebrities. Designer label clothes are very expensive. Although they are good in terms of quality and design, you can actually find lots of products today, which are equally good but are more affordable. Thus, avoid such types of clothing, so that you can save some money.

45) Take advantage of online auction sites.

When you take a look around your own house, you may realize that you have lots of used things, which you are not using anymore. If these items are still in good condition, then you should sell them on online auctions sites. Earning more money is also a good way of saving more. Aside from that, while you are earning online, you can actually get rid of the clutter and have more space in your house.

46) Do It Yourself.

You should become a DIY person if you want to save more money. By becoming one, you no longer have to hire a carpenter in fixing something at your own place. Aside from that, you also won’t have to hire someone to clean your backyard, especially if you gain more knowledge in gardening. Becoming a DIY person will open lots of opportunities for you not just to save more money, but to earn more as well.

47) Travel insurance.

Prior to getting travel insurance, you should decide to go on a trip first. Thus, if you have previously acquired annual insurance, then you should not renew it unless you are going to travel soon. If you are unsure, then only renew it, when you are about to book another trip for your family.

48) Get more quotes.

When it is the time of the year to renew your auto insurance, you should not hesitate in shopping around for the most affordable rates. A good way of doing this is to get free quotes from different insurance providers. Before you decide to switch to another insurer though, make sure to consider the coverage they can provide, to be on the safe side.

49) You can always say no.

If your kids are quite fond of telling you what they want at the grocery store or at the toy store, then you should practice saying no to them. Aside from that, you should also learn to say no to your friends, if they want you to out with them for drinks. Saying no would not just feel liberating, but it can also help you save some dough.

50) Keeping up with appearances.

If you have a tendency to buy something that you saw your friend or neighbor has recently bought, then you should cut that costly habit. This is because you may end up buying lots of things you don’t need. Aside from that, you don’t even know how your neighbor got it; and, they might even have used their credit cards for it.

51) Trading your car.

Having a new used vehicle is not such a bad idea, especially if you want to save some cash. You should also consider this if the car that you currently have piles up your expenses by consuming more gas and offering little space for your family. There are lots of car supermarkets these days, which can offer you a quality used vehicle that has a price that is just a fraction of the brand new one. Check them out, so that you can save more cash.

52) Shopping items on sale.

If you just happen to be in a store because you have free time, and you found items that are on sale, then you might be tempted in acquiring them immediately. However, before you make a drastic move, try to think about whether you really need the item or not. Although the item may cost only half of its original price, you still should not buy it if you don’t really need it.

53) Your gym membership.

In order to have a healthier body, you may be visiting the gym on a regular basis. However, if your busy schedule prevents you from visiting it at least thrice a week, then you should cancel it. With your hectic schedule, you should workout at your own place from now on. Aside from saving more time, you can also save some money since you won’t have to deal with membership fees.

54) Cut down your drinking habit.

Aside from the fact that drinking can cause negative effects to your health, it actually adds up to your monthly cost of living. If you are used to drinking a bottle or two of your favorite beer each night, you should cut it down to just a couple of beers only on weekends. By doing that, you are doing your body a favor, as well as your pocket.

55) Quit smoking.

Smoking is one of the leading causes of certain types of diseases all around the world. Aside from that, cigarettes also continue to become more and more expensive these days. Thus, you should find ways to quit it. When you quit smoking, you can lessen your risks to certain diseases, smell good, and save some money along the way.

56) Use the internet.

If you are in need of a new recipe, a new guide to playing the guitar, or a new manual for self-development, you no longer have to go to the bookstore and spend lots of cash for it. What you can do is to access websites for the information that you need. Aside from offering you informative articles about the topic you are interested in, you can also find lots of eBooks on the web that are for free.

57) Extended warranties.

Extended warranties are usually available for popular electronic devices. They are usually offered so that you would have a warranty that extends for more than just a year. Before you take advantage of it though, you should stop and think if you really need it. In most cases, a warranty for six to twelve months is already enough. Just make sure to choose an electronic device that is made in good quality, so that you won’t have to worry about extended warranties.

58) Eat lesser amounts of meat.

When you compare meat products to vegetables, they are more expensive, aside from the fact that they are often associated with fats. Thus, it is best to eat more vegetables instead. However, since you need meat for your source of protein, you should opt for chicken without its skin, since they are more affordable.

59) Eat-in a slower pace.

When it comes to eating, you can save more money and lose weight by eating slower. This is because when you eat slow, you will have a tendency to eat less, since your stomach would take a certain time to send a message to your brain that it is already full. Thus, in eating slower, you won’t just enjoy a fitter you, but you can also enjoy more savings since you consume lesser amounts of foods.

60) Bring your own lunch.

If you don’t have the time to go home and eat lunch, you should cook your own food and bring it with you. By doing this, you won’t have to spend lots of money in eating at restaurants or fast-food chains. Aside from saving lots of money, you can also ensure that you stay in good health since you would be the one to prepare it.

61) Avoid the vending machine.

When you want a snack and you visit the vending machine for it, most likely, you would be paying a lot more for the foods that you eat, than if you were buying them from the grocery store. Therefore, the next time you purchase goods from the grocery, make sure to include your snack food items. By doing that, you can simply bring them with you, each time you report for work.

62) Making a list for the grocery.

When you are shopping at a grocery store,  chances are you would end up going over your budget if you won’t bring a list with you. Thus, it is a good idea to make a list of all the things that you really need. Aside from that though, make sure to take note of the prices of the grocery items, so that you already have an idea how much you are going to spend when you buy your groceries.

63) Buying medicines.

In buying medicines, the factor that can affect their prices is their brands. Thus, if you want to save money, then you should stick to generic brands. These generic medicines are actually equally effective as their high-end counterparts. Just take note of the name of the medicine prescribed by your doctor and not the brand, so that you can save some cash.

64) Visiting the coffee shop.

If you simply love coffee and you often find yourself going to coffee shops for it, then you should learn how to brew your own coffee soon. There are lots of coffee-making products available in the market today, which can allow you to make cups of delicious coffee in just a matter of minutes. Purchase one soon and you would be able to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee, without having to go out of your place and spending more money.

65) Go with water.

When you are thirsty, whether you are at a movie theater or at the mall, you should skip the soda, beer, or juice, and stick to water. This is because water is more affordable than the other drinking beverages, and in some places, it can even be offered for free. Aside from saving more money by drinking water, it can also help you stay fit since it is not loaded with calories.

66) Collect reusable bags.

When you have a bunch of reusable bags at your place, then you can bring it with you when you buy your groceries. There are certain grocery stores these days, which can offer you discounts, tokens, or coupons if you are going to being your own bag for your purchased goods. By doing that, you won’t just be saving money, but you could also be saving the world by using lesser plastic bags.

67) Driving at nights.

Whenever you are driving at night, you can actually save up some money by opening your car windows. By doing that, you would not have to turn on your air conditioner and save up some gas in the process. With lesser gasoline consumed on a regular basis, you would be able to save more money.

68) Make sure your tires are properly inflated.

Making sure that your tires are properly inflated can prolong its life and save you some money in the process. Aside from that, it can also ensure that handling your car would be easy. Moreover, when the tires are properly inflated, you can also be assured that your car’s fuel efficiency is at its maximum levels.

69) Get your car checked regularly.

Having your car go through routine maintenance actually offers a lot of benefits to you. Aside from making sure that your car is in top condition, it could also prevent damages, which can cost you a lot of money. Just make sure to find a reliable mechanic, so that he won’t always tell you to replace something, just to make a quick buck.

70) Free parking.

When you go around town, you may find that lots of places require payment for parking, especially those that are near certain landmarks. However, if you are patient enough, you should be able to find a place that offers free parking. You may have to walk a few blocks towards your destination for it, but it would be worth it, especially if you practice this regularly.

71) Opting for more basic insurance coverage.

To save up some money in terms of your insurance premiums, you can always tell your insurance provider to drop your collision and comprehensive coverage. This is a wise move, especially if your car is quite old. However, you need to be aware that dropping the said items from your declarations page would mean that you would be responsible for the cost of repairs to your own vehicle, whenever you are involved with an accident, in which you are the at-fault party.

72) Choosing the services you really need.

Each year, you should evaluate what services you really need and what services you don’t need. You should ask yourself whether you really need to have cable television, landline, magazine subscriptions, and such. Try to check which services you really need to have a decent way of living, and stick only with them. Drop the other ones you don’t need so that you can save money.

73) Play online games.

If you have an internet connection at your place, it is far better to play online games, instead of purchasing more video games for your gaming console. There are lots of online gaming sites today, which can offer you the kind of entertainment that you want for free. With that, you won’t have to pay for video games that are pretty expensive, which can help you save more money.

74) Don’t use your dryer.

In washing your clothes, you may have gotten used to utilizing the dryer of your washing machine to dry your clothes up. However, if you want to save money, then you should line dry your clothes instead. This simply means getting yourself a clothesline or a rack where you can dry your clothes. By doing that, you are lengthening the lifespan of your machine, aside from minimizing energy consumption.

75) Turn off your electric stove earlier.

Whenever you are using your electric stove to cook a meal, you should make it a practice to turn it off earlier than usual. This is because the plate on your stove usually stays heated even when the power is turned off. Thus, if you turn it off a few minutes early, then it can still continue to provide heat to your recipe.

76) Focus on your collection.

Lots of people like to have a collection of certain things, which they consider as a hobby. Some people like to collect caps, while others enjoy collecting bags. If you are one of them, then you should think about whether the things you are collecting can really provide you with what you need. If not, then you should try to stop your costly habit. Instead, you should try to sell your collection, so that you can add more money to your savings account.

77) Customer rewards programs.

There are grocery stores and even bookstores today, which offer customer rewards programs. If the store that you usually purchase items from offer it, then you should sign up with them. Although it takes some time to rack up some points, it can still provide you with something, which can help you extend your budget. Aside from that, some of these reward programs can also give you coupons and discounts on certain items.

78) Check out your credit card points.

Lots of credit card companies today offer rewards in relation to the points that you have collected whenever you use your card. If you have gathered enough points, you should check out the available items that you can redeem it for. Aside from items though, some companies may also agree to waive some fees associated with your account in exchange for the points.

79) Personalize your gifts.

Whenever you hand out gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and such, it is always best to personalize them, in order to increase its value. Aside from making the present more meaningful though, personalizing gifts can also offer you a way to save up some cash. Thus, make use of your imagination, so that you can save up some money while making your friends happy.

80) Let time pass by.

Whenever you find yourself longing to purchase something new, such as a new gadget, a new pair of pants, or a new pair of shoes, you should let a couple of weeks pass by, before making up your mind about it. In most cases, you can find yourself losing the urge to buy the item that you want, especially if you really don’t need it.

81) Spend less money but have more fun.

If you are the kind of parent who wants to see their kids having fun, there is actually no need to spend lots of money on it. Instead of taking them to rides or at the malls for shopping, you can actually make ordinary stuff around your house interesting and fun enough for your kids. You can do some paper tossing, do origami, play hide and seek, and such so that you can all have some fun, without spending money.

82) Eat healthier meals.

Avoiding highly processed foods is actually something that offers more than just health benefits. It can also help you save up some money since they usually cost more than when you prepare your own meals. Preparing your own meals can help you save money since you can easily load it up vegetables, which are more affordable than meat.

83) Don’t leave the door of the refrigerator open.

Leaving the door of your refrigerator open for a long period of time can cost you a lot of money, due to using up lots of energy. This is because whenever you open your refrigerator, it could lose a certain amount of its cool temperature, and will have to try to attain it again. Thus, tell all the members of your family about this, so that you can minimize your energy consumption.

84) Your car’s air filter.

Cleaning your car’s air filter will take you a long way when it comes to saving money. This is because a clean air filter can improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. With that, you can be assured that your gasoline consumption would be maintained at reasonable levels. Just check out your car’s manual in doing it, so that you can clean the air filter soon.

85) Making your own things.

Making your own things can actually help when it comes to saving more money. When you bake your own cake or bread, you would soon realize that it is actually a lot more affordable in purchasing the ingredients for it and making it, than buying them from the bakeshop. Thus, learn to make your own things soon, so that you can save more money in the process. You can even make your own lipstick.

86) Finding relief from stress.

If you need to relieve yourself from stress, there is no need to spend lots of money on it. As long as you know some meditation techniques or yoga, then you wouldn’t have to go to spas or massage parlors to relax. Aside from that, you can even just sit or lie down and listen to soothing music in order to get over a stressful day at work.

87) Do a routine check on your appliances.

You should regularly check your appliances in order to save more money. When you constantly check your appliances, you would be able to see if there are dust on certain parts of it, such as the vents, the backs, and such. If you keep the appliances well cleaned, you can improve their efficiency and prolong their life.

88) Club memberships.

If you have a country club membership or a gym membership that you actually are not using, then you should cancel it. By doing that, you would be able to save some amounts of cash on a monthly basis. There is no need to worry about canceling them since you can always renew your membership whenever you want to.

89) Wash your hands properly.

Cleaning your hands thoroughly after going to the comfort room, or touching different types of things like money, books, among others, is one of the best ways to prevent diseases to affect you. Keeping yourself from viruses and bacteria can help in saving money since you won’t have to deal with medical bills and medical costs.

90) A gift does not have to be an item.

Providing your friend with a service that they really need can be a very meaningful gift, instead of giving them the usual gift item. For example, you can actually offer to wash your friend’s car and wax it, instead of purchasing a gift item for him. Aside from that, you can also offer to babysit for your friend so that she can go out with her spouse.

91) Online accounts.

If you saved your credit card information on your online accounts so that you can easily purchase items that you want, then you should remove them soon. This is because this can give you a very easy way to overspend or go over your budget. Once you remove them, whenever you need to purchase something, you will have to look for your credit card information, which can take up some of your time.

92) Buying a car wisely.

Whenever you want to buy a brand new car, a couple of factors you want to consider would be the car’s fuel efficiency and reliability. When you focus on these factors, it can actually save you lots of money in the long run. Thus, you should do your research about the cars you are considering purchasing soon so that you can have the one that can help you save more money.

93) How to prevent shopping by impulse.

Making impulse buys, especially if you use your credit card it can pile up your debts. To ensure that this is not the case, whenever you have the urge to purchase something, you should spend around a minute or two thinking about whether you really need it or not. If not, then you simply have to let go of the urge and save your hard-earned cash.

94) Taking care of your debts.

If you want to save more money, you should take care of your debts very soon. One of the best ways to do it is to come up with something, which can remind you about it regularly. You can set a reminder about it through your phone, or come up with a visual reminder so that you would become more consistent in hitting your goals regarding your debts.

95) Eating a full breakfast.

When you eat a full breakfast, you won’t just be having the energy that you need to get through the day easily, but it can also save you some money. This is because it can control your unnecessary cravings during lunch and dinner. Aside from that, a full breakfast is often more affordable than large meals during lunch and dinner; thus, you won’t have to deal with a huge expense for it.

96) What to do when you want to buy clothes.

Whenever you have the urge to buy new clothes, you should check out your closet first. If you find out that there are lots of clothes you have that you have not used for the past months, then you should bring them in front. By doing that, you would actually feel like you already have newer sets of clothes; thus, it can prevent you from shopping for unnecessary clothing.

97) Gain the support of your family.

If you want to save more money, you should tell your family all about it. When you do that, you can actually gain their support. If your whole family supports you, you can all work out together in order to minimize your costs. They can all help in minimizing energy and water consumption. Aside from that, they could also understand better if you won’t be eating out as often as you usually do.

98) When your computer is not working.

If your computer is not working as fast as it usually does, or it is not functioning normally, you should not contact your equipment manufacturer for it immediately. This is because, they might send someone to repair it, and charge you lots of cash. Instead, you should try to troubleshoot it yourself at first. Do your research about it through the internet, such as accessing websites or online forums, so that you can save money and learn new things.

99) Take up gardening.

Gardening can be fun, aside from the fact that it can help you save more money. When you already have a garden, you won’t have to spend extra cash for cabbages, tomatoes, oranges, and other fruits and vegetables, since you can conveniently grow them yourself. By doing that, on top of saving money, you can also ensure that you are consuming organic food items.

100) Check your mobile phone bill thoroughly.

To save more money, one of the best ways to do it is to check your phone bill for the services that you have enrolled with. Try to carefully evaluate these services, so that you can properly decide whether you really need them or not. To get rid of some, all you need to do is to contact your service provider and tell them about it.

101) Make your own wine.

If you love to drink wines so much, then you may have already spent lots of money on purchasing bottles of your favorite drinks. There are actually affordable wine making kits available in the market today, and they usually come with everything, which includes the ingredients. By using such kits, you no longer have to purchase expensive wines, since you can already make them yourself.

51 House Cleaning Short Cuts


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Only have a minute for cleaning? No problem. This first set of tips will give you some ideas for chores that take less than a minute.

1.     Dust One Thing

It only takes a minute to choose one thing and dust it. You can either use a feather duster, a dust spray and a rag, or a dust wipe. Here are some things you can dust quickly:

  • TV screens
  • Shelves
  • Blinds
  • Ceiling fans
  • Air Vents

2.     Change Vacuum Bag

It doesn’t take much time at all to change your vacuum bag, and it can make your vacuum run more efficiently. A good tip is to take your vacuum outside to change it so the dust from the bag doesn’t go back into the room.

3.     Clean a Mirror

A clean mirror makes a room look cleaner. If you don’t have glass cleaner and paper towels, try vinegar and old newspaper. This is a lot less expensive and it works just as well.

4.     Change Towels

Fresh towels make a room smell great, whether they’re in the kitchen or the bathroom. It takes less than a minute, and it freshens up the whole room.

5.     Change Trash Bags

Even if you don’t have time to take the trash all the way out, just taking full bags out of the cans and replacing them with clean bags can help tidy up when you only have a minute.

6.     Sort Today’s Mail

Mail can really pile up if left alone. If you take 30 seconds every day to organize that day’s mail, you’ll have a lot less clutter. Don’t be afraid to throw away junk mail.


7.     Treat a Stain

Got an extra minute? Treat that nasty stain that you noticed last week.

Here are some tips:

  • Flush stains with water.
  • Blot the stain with a dry cloth.
  • Apply a mild cleaner and let set.
  • Blot again.

8.     Take Care of Plants

A minute is more than enough time to care for your favorite houseplants. If they need water, fill a pitcher so you can water them all faster. Take a pair of scissors with you to snip off dead vines or leaves.

9.     Wipe Down Forgotten Areas

Grab a wet washcloth and quickly wipe down areas that might be forgotten when cleaning. Areas like:

  • Doorknobs
  • Remote controls
  • Light switches
  • Handles
  • Telephones

10. Sweep Entryways

Most entryways are small and take less than a minute to sweep. Grab your broom and dustpan and you’ll be finished before you begin. You can even cheat and sweep dust onto the carpet, then use the carpet-sweeper to clean it up.

11. Shake out a Floor Mat

Floor mats are sometimes forgotten during cleaning. If you have an extra minute, grab a mat or two and shake them out outside. This will reduce the amount of dust in your home as well as keep those mats fresh and clean.

12. Collect Garbage in a Room

If you don’t have time to clean a whole room but want to make it look a little bit better, clear out the garbage. Grab a trash bag or a waste paper basket and start stuffing. You’ll find that this improves the look of a room dramatically.


As you start developing simple housecleaning habits, you’ll notice that your work will get easier and easier. This next set of tips will give you some great ideas of good habits to start.

13. Delegate

Housework can be a huge job. Learn to delegate. Make chore charts for everyone in your house. Even small children can help pick up toys and other things. As you learn that you don’t have to do it all, housework will become much easier.

14. Fill the Sink

A good habit to start is filling your sink with hot soapy water every time you start to cook. This way you can “clean as you go.” As you get done with each pot or dish, wash it quickly. This makes clean-up a snap.

15. Spray the Oven

Time for take-out? If there’s a day when you’re not using your oven, give it a quick spray of oven cleaner and forget about it. The next day, before you turn on your oven, give it a quick wipe down. You’ll find that the baked on stuff comes off much easier.

16. Have a Charity Box

It’s a good idea to keep a box or bag in your front closet that you put things you don’t need anymore. This really helps get rid of clutter in your home. When the box is full, simply drop it off at your local good will store.

17. Rinse Your Plate

This may be a small tip, but it can help in big ways. If you simply make it a habit to rinse your plate after dinner (and have all family members do the same), it will make washing them a lot easier. No one likes trying to wash dried food off of dishes.

18. Tackle the Small Jobs

Housework can be overwhelming. Learn to break it down and tackle the smaller jobs first. As you do, each job will become easier. Also, if you clean the small messes before they get big, it’ll be a lot easier to clean up.

19. Keep Cleaner in the Shower

A great shortcut for cleaning your tub and shower is to keep a bottle of shower cleaner handy. After you take a bath or shower, spray it down.

You can take it a step further and keep a squeegee in it as well.

20. Fast Pick Up Before Bed

If you make it a habit to do a quick pick up before going to bed, it’ll really help. You’ll find that it’s easier to wake up and feel good about the day if even one room is clean.

21. Line Your Fridge

If you make it a habit to line your fridge shelves with paper towels, it’ll make it a lot easier to clean. This will work especially well in the crispers, as the paper towels will soak up any extra wetness.

22. Take a Trash Bag With You

As you leave the house, make it a habit to take the trash out. This is a simple tip, but why make extra trips if you don’t need to? This is also a great job to delegate to a teenager. They’re always coming and going anyway.


Your kitchen gets used every day. Without maintaining small messes, you can have a big cleaning job every day. This next set of tips will help you keep your kitchen clean and manageable.

23. Microwave

Here’s a good shortcut to cleaning your microwave: Fill up a cup of water and put it in there on high for a few minutes. The steam from the cup will loosen any stuck-on food, and then you can just wipe it away.

24. Baking Soda

Baking soda has many practical uses, especially in the kitchen. Here are a few ideas:

  • Put an open box in your fridge and freezer to eliminate odors and bad tastes.
  • Sprinkle some in the bottom of your trashcans.
  • Sprinkle some down your drain and garbage disposal to eliminate odors.

25. Fridge

Cleaning your fridge can be a big job, but here are a few tips to make it a bit easier:

  • Toss out any bad food.
  • Start with wiping down the top shelves and work down.
  • Baking soda and water make a great cleaner and wont leave your fridge smelling like harsh cleanser.
  • After you wipe out the crispers, line them with paper towels for easier cleaning next time.

26. Washing Dishes

Washing dishes can really be overwhelming. Here are some tips to make this grueling task a bit easier:

  • Invest in a scrubber that you can put soap in the handle. This way you can “wash as you go,” eliminating huge piles of dirty dishes.
  • Soak all dishes that have dried on food. This lets you use less elbow grease.
  • Wash in groups—silverware, glasses, bowls, plates, pots and pans.

27. Wipe Down

After the dishes are done and put away, don’t forget the wipe-down. This makes your kitchen have that extra clean look. When you’re wiping down, don’t forget:

  • Counter tops
  • Stove
  • Sink
  • Faucets
  • Cupboard doors
  • Table
  • Chairs

28. Sweep and Mop

The very last thing you need to clean in your kitchen is the floor. There are lots of brooms and mops on the market these days. Make sure to use a broom and mop that best fit the needs of your floor.


Cleaning the bathroom is something that nobody likes to do. Unfortunately, it needs to be done, not only to make it look better, but to eliminate germs that can cause illness. Below you’ll find a few tips to make cleaning your bathroom more effective and easy.

29. Toilet

Cleaning the toilet is a grueling job, but fortunately, it can be done fast.

Here are a few steps to follow to get it done quickly:

  • 1st—Pour some cleaner in the bowl to soak.
  • 2nd—Wipe down the seat and outside of the bowl with an antibacterial wipe or spray cleaner.
  • 3rd—Scrub the bowl with a toilet brush.
  • 4th—Wipe down everything again with a dry cloth to make it shine.

30. Mirrors

Mirrors can be very tricky to clean because if you don’t have the right tools, they can look worse than before you started. Make sure you use glass cleaner (usually blue) or vinegar, and use paper towels or newspaper to wipe them (not cloth as it will leave residue).

31. Bathtub

Bathtubs can be awkward to clean, because there are many hard-to-reach places. Here are a few things that may help:

  • Use a cleanser that will foam or bubble. This allows you to “soak” your tub or shower, even if it’s a vertical wall.
  • Shop around for a tub scrubber that fits your needs. Whether it’s a long-handled one or an extra firm one, pick a scrubber that will be easiest for you to use.
  • As mentioned earlier, spraying the tub or shower down after each use can make deep cleaning easier.

32.  Wipe Down the Sink

Wiping down the sink and counter is easier if you first fill the sink with hot soapy water. Keep dipping your washcloth or sponge into it until everything is clean. Don’t forget to dry everything so it’ll really sparkle.


The living room is usually the first thing that visitors see when they come to your home. It’s also the room that can get the messiest. This next set of tips will help you keep your living room clean and inviting.

33. Pick Up

First do a quick pick up. Here are some important points:

  • Put everything in its place (remotes controls, magazines, etc.).
  • Throw trash in the trash can.
  • Put things that don’t belong into laundry baskets, so they’re easier to put away later.

34. Dust

As mentioned earlier, dusting doesn’t take very long, but it can really help make your living room look great. Here’s a list of things not to forget:

  • Blinds
  • Air Vents
  • TV screens
  • Shelves
  • Ceiling fans

35. Vacuum

Vacuuming really finishes a cleanroom. Use your vacuum’s attachments to make sure you get the hard to reach places. Don’t forget:

  • Couch cushions
  • Room edges
  • Under the couch
  • Curtains
  • Window sills


You spend almost half of your life in your bedroom, so keeping it clean is important. Here are some tips to keep your bedroom looking great:

36. Make the Bed

Making the bed will make any room cleaner. It doesn’t take very long, and it really pulls the room together. It helps to have a thick, lightweight comforter that can easily be thrown on without a lot of smoothing or tucking. Pillows really make a bed look good as well.

37. Put Away Clothes

Put away all clothes. Whether they need to be folded and put in a dresser, hung up, or put in the dirty clothes hamper, managing clothes is very important.

38. Clean off Dresser

You dresser top can get cluttered very quickly. Make it a habit to clear it off every time you clean your room, and it will get easier each time. It’s also a good idea to wipe down your dresser with a damp cloth.


You’re almost there! This last set of tips will give you additional shortcuts for cleaning the house. Some of them are hardly conventional, but sometimes you just have to get creative—especially when you’re in a hurry.

39. Fast Window Cleaning

Got a big window that needs to be cleaned super quick? Try only pulling the blinds up halfway, and only cleaning the bottom half of the window. As stated earlier, vinegar and newspaper work well in a pinch.

40. Carpet Sweeping

It helps to have a carpet sweeper or a cordless hand vacuum handy. This way you don’t need to drag the big vacuum out every time your floor needs a quick clean-up.

41. Pet Hair

Pet hair can be hard to control, especially on furniture. Here are a couple of ideas for fast clean up:

  • Ball up an old pair of pantyhose and rub them all over your furniture—they’re really great at picking up pet hair.
  • Buy a cheap lint roller (the kind with sticky tape) and roll it over the furniture.

42. Do the Towel Shuffle

Who would have thought a house-cleaning tip would mean doing a dance? If your floor needs a good mopping but you don’t have time, simply wet two towels, put one under each foot, and “shuffle” them across the room. You’ll find this quite effective as well as fun.

43. Cleaner Alternatives

Out of cleaners? Here are some things that you can use to clean instead of store bought cleaners:

  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Lemon juice

44. Laundry Baskets

Laundry baskets aren’t just for laundry anymore. You can get them at almost any dollar store, and they can really speed up housework. Here are some ideas:

  • When cleaning a room, put all the things that don’t belong in that room in a basket. Then put the baskets in the rooms that they go in.
  • Use a basket to carry dishes from the dining area to the sink.
  • Use baskets to separate magazines.
  • Give each household member a basket. When cleaning, line up the basket in the room you’re cleaning and put belongings in corresponding baskets. Have each family member put away the things in their basket.

45. Decorative Baskets

Decorative baskets are a great way to hide clutter. Take a trip to your local dollar store and invest in some fancy baskets of all sizes. Use them to organize. Here are some things you can use them for:

  • Mail
  • Magazines
  • Couch pillows
  • Remotes

46. Go Paper

Don’t be afraid to use paper plates and plastic utensils. This reduces the clean-up time to almost nothing. You can even dress up paper plates with wicker holders, and utensils with colorful ribbon.

47. Spray Dust Mop

No time for a full mopping? Try giving your floor a good spraying with your favorite cleaner, then go over it with a mop. Depending on the cleaner, you may need to then spray your floor again with just water, and mop again to remove any residue.

48. Music

Every grueling task is easier when music is involved. Find yourself some good music to clean to, and you’ll find that time goes by much faster. In no time, the CD is over, and your house is clean.

49. Good Smells

A clean house may be the first thing people see as they come to visit, but what are they smelling? An invitingsmell in your home is just as important as keeping it clean. Here are some things you can use:

  • Spray air fresheners
  • Candles
  • Plug-in air fresheners
  • Scented pine cones
  • Scented oil lamps
  • Potpourri

50. Make a Plan

Housework is a lot less overwhelming if you have a plan. If you divide chores up into specific time blocks, or even days, they will be a lot easier to tackle. Don’t forget to make fun chore charts for the kids.

51. Know When to Quit

With housework, there will always be something else to clean and organize. It’s important to know when to quit. When wiping down a cupboard door, resist the temptation to pull everything out of that cupboard and reorganize; save that for another day.

Why do men cheat on women?


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I was on one of my favorite sites the other day when I came across a story about why men cheat on women. It was rather fascinating to read what men actually have to say about why they cheat on their girlfriends or wives.

My favorite had to be “all my girlfriend does is nag. I wanted to get laid without all the bitching”.

Seriously?! Are you kidding me?! I so wanted to slap that man.

Some of them are frustrating, like … “I don’t know, I guess I was just bored.”

Bored? You broke your girlfriend’s heart because you were bored?

Some are predictable, like the guy who said he created on his wife because she gained 40 pounds and then there was the guy who admitted he cheated because his girlfriend was paying more attention to Instagram than him. Ouch!

I decided to do my own survey and asked a few men I know if they have ever cheated, and if they did – why … and this is what they said —-

  • I don’t know. It’s just something men do. Their dick gets hard, they do what it takes to take care of the urge. It’s not like it’s anything personal.
  • Everyone cheats at one time or another. Things go wrong in your relationship but you still have needs. Those needs have to be met somewhere.
  • I don’t know why women attach so much emotion to sex.
  • If a guy is not getting satisfied at home, trust me when I say he’s getting satisfied elsewhere.

By the way, you can read the full article I referenced above by clicking here. It’s called Why did my boyfriend cheat on me?

Review of The OA from Netflix



During the lockdown, people have been consuming massive amounts of Netflix. I mean I hate to admit it, but I have as well. I’ve watched so many shows that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise given the time of day.

One such series was called The OA. I’m going to be honest, it took me more than a show or two to get into it but once I did I couldn’t stop watching. I consumed the entire first season in two days and the second season over the weekend.

The OA is a story about a blind woman, who has been missing for the last 7 years. She’s found and while that in itself is a huge surprise, even bigger shocker, is that she can now see.

The OA is a young girl named Nina Azarova, who was born to a wealthy Russian oligarch. As a very young child (like elementary school age), she gets into an accident, on the bus to school. This accident kills all of her classmates and leaves her blind.

Her father apparently thinks it was a hit by the Russian mob so to protect her, he sends his daughter off to a boarding school and leaves his dead wife’s sister (his wife died during childbirth I think) to care for Nina.

I don’t know how much time passes, a year maybe, and Nina’s aunt shows up to the school to inform her that her father is dead and all the money is gone. She has to leave her fancy boarding school to go live with her aunt, who runs a really low-end house of prostitution in Russia, and when the girls get knocked up, they sell off the children, oftentimes to America, or really anyone who will pay, I guess.

An older couple — Mr. And Mrs. Johnson travels to Russian to adopt a newborn baby, and while they are there, they run into the adorably cute little blind girl who is helping her aunt to care for the babies that are being sold off.

The American woman falls in love with the little girls and insists they adopt her instead. The aunt is all too willing to get rid of her burden and agrees to sell her to the American couple who properly renames her Prairie.

They raise the child as their own and by all accounts give her a loving home. Nina (now going by the name Prairie), appreciates all that her adoptive parents have done for her, but at the same time, she believes with all of her heart that her father is alive.

She runs away, well – I mean she is over 18 now so running away isn’t really the right phrase, I guess it’s more accurate to say that she sneaks off to go and try and find her father in New York.

It ends exactly how you think it might, with her being kidnapped and held in an underground dungeon for the next 7 years.

While she’s there she meets a few others who are also being held captive and one particular guy, “Homer”, who is about her same age, and the two fall in love.

That connection is what the story is about and it is the reason why once released, she tries to get back because she wants to save Homer and the others.

That’s really what season one is about – her trying to coup with being back home after being gone for seven years, her trying to find a way back to Homer and the others.

The show has a way of creeping up on you and getting into your head. It’s a good watch and a show I highly recommend.

Just remember it’s a slow burn. It takes a while to get into it. Give it a few episodes before turning it off. It’s kind of weird at first but once you really get into it the storytelling is utterly amazing.

Season two takes a very different turn. She has success with her “ritual”, and gets back to her friends but well … it’s hard to explain without spoilers. I’ll just say things really get crazy in season 2.


YouTuber Dates Porn Star Lana Rhoades


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With all the crazy things that went on last year between Jake Paul and his brother Logan Paul, you would think there couldn’t possibly be anything more I could say about them. But you’d be wrong. They found a new way to get their names in the media. Well, Logan Paul did, not his brother so much.

Logan Paul’s best friend is a guy named Mike Majlak. For his birthday Logan Paul hired Mike’s favorite porn star to hang out with him for the day.

Mike Majlak runs his own YouTube channel called The Night Shift, who himself has over 750k subscribers.

Then news broke that Mike and the former porn star Lana Rhoades had taken things to the next level and started dating.

After being bullied Lana Rhoades left the adult industry three years ago and became a social media influencer. She now has over 7.7 million followers on Instagram and over a million followers on Twitter.

Lana Rhoades gains an average of about 34,000 new followers a day on Instagram, where she posts photos of herself in various outfits — sometimes sponsored posts from brands like Fashion Nova and Adam and Eve.

Recently Lana Rhoades launched her own merchandise line, not unlike the Maverick line that Logan Paul launched a few years.

Lana Rhoades named her the fuck boy collection.

Lana Rhoades went to the Super Bowl in Miami this year with Logan Paul and Mike Majlak. They’ve been all but inseparable ever since.


Who’s More Famous – Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian


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Every day millions of people pull out their phones and search for all kinds of crazy things, including news about their favorite celebrities.

So that got me thinking, just who is more famous, Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian? Well if we base it on how many times a day someone Googles them, we know that answer is Kim Kardashian, but just barely.

Who's More Famous - Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian

Over the past twelve months, Kim Kardashian gets slightly more searches than Taylor Swift does. They both get upwards of 10 million monthly searches each. But according to Google Trends, Kim Kardashian inches out Taylor Swift with a rating of 36, to Taylor Swift’s 34.

In the graph blue in Kim Kardashian and red is Taylor Swift.

Talking about cutting it close!

So be honest, who is your favorite, Kim or Taylor? Tell us in the comments down below!

Do you love Taylor for her music of Kim for her drama?

Political Drama – I challenge you!


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I was at a friend’s house the other day and he had a booklet of sorts on his table called 3 CFR. I looked at the strange cover and asked him what it was. He tells me it’s a book on the code of federal regulations that he had picked up recently.

Why in the world would you need that‘ I asked? I mean seriously … who has a book of government rules and regulations just lying around?

He looked at me like I had a second head or something. “I can’t very well debate a subject I know nothing about,” he says.

See, my friend had grown up in a politically liberal family but as he grew up he found himself more and more aligned with conservative views. This caused a rift in his family whenever they would get together and inevitably the subject of politics would come up.

So he decided instead of fighting based on opinions, he would arm himself with facts and he bought the actual government rule book on the duties of the presidential office to help him do that so that the next time he had dinner with his family, he could be better informed.

I don’t know but I just found that funny. But I have to give the guy credit. I mean the best way to win an argument is to know your subject matter.

Then it got me thinking. This guy has spent more time researching politics in the last 3 days than I have spent on the subject my entire life.

I’m ashamed to admit it but I know more about the Kardashians than I do about the legislative branch.

And I know I’m not alone. Many of my friends just find it easier to avoid the subject of politics all together than to get into the explosive debates or arguments that take place online about our political candidates.

How can I say I’m proud to be an American if I don’t really even put in the effort to be a part of the very system of laws that make our country so great?

Political Drama

I love the rights and freedoms that I have but I don’t take part in the process to secure them with something as simple as an informed decision (aka a vote)?

I’ve decided this year I’m going to be different. This year, I’m going to make an effort to learn about the candidates in the upcoming election.

I’m not just going to say I’m a republican or a democrat, but actually, listen to the issues and vote come 2020 based on which candidate supports the issues that matter to me.

I also encourage you to do the same.

It doesn’t matter what those issues are – as long as they matter to you, then that’s what you should vote for.

More than just encourage, I challenge you to spent just a few hours over the next few months to think about what matters to you and then find the candidate that supports those very issues.

  • Do you care about tax breaks for the middle class?
  • Are you pro-life or pro-choice?
  • Do you want government-funded healthcare?
  • What about your stance on immigration?

It truly doesn’t matter to me what your views are … you can feel however you want. you won’t see me arguing with you about them. All I ask is that you figure out what issues do matter to you and then come election time, go out there and vote for the candidate that supports the issues you care about – whatever those issues may be.

That’s my challenge to you!

Don’t be like right-wing extremist Karyn Turk (the lady who is famous for stealing her mother’s social security check). All she does is spread hate. I want you to tune out that kind of negativity and instead focus on what matters to you.

Have you sen The Travelers on Netflix? Love it!


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For those who haven’t heard of it, the Travelers is a TV series currently available on Netflix. They have three seasons available now and season 4 is probably going to be released around the end of 2019.

Many centuries into the future, the Earth’s population has dwindled to almost nothing — but the survivors have discovered the key to time travel. Desperate to save humanity, a group enters the 21st century on a mission to avert disaster.

The show is set in modern day time, but it’s based on the future, a post-apocalyptic future, where things are so bad, they gave control of their lives to a super smart computer AI (artificial intelligence) known as “The Director”.

Let's talk about The Travelers on Netflix

Like we volunteer for military service, in the future, they volunteer for the Travelers program, which means they give up their lives in the future (hundreds of years) to return to the 21st century and try and save the world.

They use historical data to find someone who died in our time and then replace that person with the conscientious of someone from the future.

For example, there is this FBI special agent who would have died from a fall down an open elevator shaft while in pursuit of a suspected killer. Just moments before he would have died, The Director sent a traveler from the future known as 3468 (they all go by numbers instead of names in the future). So now Travelers 3468 takes over the life of FBI Special Agent Grant MacLaren in all ways. Only he also secretly goes in missions to help save the world from what will turn out to be a horrible future.

The travelers come over in groups of 5, each taking over the life of someone who would have historically died.

They all live by a set of 6 rules they call protocols.

  • Protocol 1: The mission comes first.
  • Protocol 2: Never jeopardize your cover.
  • Protocol 3: Don’t take a life; don’t save a life, unless otherwise directed. Do not interfere.
  • Protocol 4: Do not reproduce.
  • Protocol 5: In the absence of direction, maintain your host’s life.
  • Protocol 6: Do not communicate with other known travelers outside of your team unless sanctioned by the Director.

Season 3 was just released on Netflix. Here is the trailer for it.

If you don’t have Netflix, don’t worry. you can catch the 1st season on YouTube for $17.99 or $19.99 for the HD version.