Why do men cheat on women?


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I was on one of my favorite sites the other day when I came across a story about why men cheat on women. It was rather fascinating to read what men actually have to say about why they cheat on their girlfriends or wives.

My favorite had to be “all my girlfriend does is nag. I wanted to get laid without all the bitching”.

Seriously?! Are you kidding me?! I so wanted to slap that man.

Some of them are frustrating, like … “I don’t know, I guess I was just bored.”

Bored? You broke your girlfriend’s heart because you were bored?

Some are predictable, like the guy who said he created on his wife because she gained 40 pounds and then there was the guy who admitted he cheated because his girlfriend was paying more attention to Instagram than him. Ouch!

I decided to do my own survey and asked a few men I know if they have ever cheated, and if they did – why … and this is what they said —-

  • I don’t know. It’s just something men do. Their dick gets hard, they do what it takes to take care of the urge. It’s not like it’s anything personal.
  • Everyone cheats at one time or another. Things go wrong in your relationship but you still have needs. Those needs have to be met somewhere.
  • I don’t know why women attach so much emotion to sex.
  • If a guy is not getting satisfied at home, trust me when I say he’s getting satisfied elsewhere.

By the way, you can read the full article I referenced above by clicking here. It’s called Why did my boyfriend cheat on me?


Review of The OA from Netflix



During the lockdown, people have been consuming massive amounts of Netflix. I mean I hate to admit it, but I have as well. I’ve watched so many shows that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise given the time of day.

One such series was called The OA. I’m going to be honest, it took me more than a show or two to get into it but once I did I couldn’t stop watching. I consumed the entire first season in two days and the second season over the weekend.

The OA is a story about a blind woman, who has been missing for the last 7 years. She’s found and while that in itself is a huge surprise, even bigger shocker, is that she can now see.

The OA is a young girl named Nina Azarova, who was born to a wealthy Russian oligarch. As a very young child (like elementary school age), she gets into an accident, on the bus to school. This accident kills all of her classmates and leaves her blind.

Her father apparently thinks it was a hit by the Russian mob so to protect her, he sends his daughter off to a boarding school and leaves his dead wife’s sister (his wife died during childbirth I think) to care for Nina.

I don’t know how much time passes, a year maybe, and Nina’s aunt shows up to the school to inform her that her father is dead and all the money is gone. She has to leave her fancy boarding school to go live with her aunt, who runs a really low-end house of prostitution in Russia, and when the girls get knocked up, they sell off the children, oftentimes to America, or really anyone who will pay, I guess.

An older couple — Mr. And Mrs. Johnson travels to Russian to adopt a newborn baby, and while they are there, they run into the adorably cute little blind girl who is helping her aunt to care for the babies that are being sold off.

The American woman falls in love with the little girls and insists they adopt her instead. The aunt is all too willing to get rid of her burden and agrees to sell her to the American couple who properly renames her Prairie.

They raise the child as their own and by all accounts give her a loving home. Nina (now going by the name Prairie), appreciates all that her adoptive parents have done for her, but at the same time, she believes with all of her heart that her father is alive.

She runs away, well – I mean she is over 18 now so running away isn’t really the right phrase, I guess it’s more accurate to say that she sneaks off to go and try and find her father in New York.

It ends exactly how you think it might, with her being kidnapped and held in an underground dungeon for the next 7 years.

While she’s there she meets a few others who are also being held captive and one particular guy, “Homer”, who is about her same age, and the two fall in love.

That connection is what the story is about and it is the reason why once released, she tries to get back because she wants to save Homer and the others.

That’s really what season one is about – her trying to coup with being back home after being gone for seven years, her trying to find a way back to Homer and the others.

The show has a way of creeping up on you and getting into your head. It’s a good watch and a show I highly recommend.

Just remember it’s a slow burn. It takes a while to get into it. Give it a few episodes before turning it off. It’s kind of weird at first but once you really get into it the storytelling is utterly amazing.

Season two takes a very different turn. She has success with her “ritual”, and gets back to her friends but well … it’s hard to explain without spoilers. I’ll just say things really get crazy in season 2.


YouTuber Dates Porn Star Lana Rhoades


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With all the crazy things that went on last year between Jake Paul and his brother Logan Paul, you would think there couldn’t possibly be anything more I could say about them. But you’d be wrong. They found a new way to get their names in the media. Well, Logan Paul did, not his brother so much.

Logan Paul’s best friend is a guy named Mike Majlak. For his birthday Logan Paul hired Mike’s favorite porn star to hang out with him for the day.

Mike Majlak runs his own YouTube channel called The Night Shift, who himself has over 750k subscribers.

Then news broke that Mike and the former porn star Lana Rhoades had taken things to the next level and started dating.

After being bullied Lana Rhoades left the adult industry three years ago and became a social media influencer. She now has over 7.7 million followers on Instagram and over a million followers on Twitter.

Lana Rhoades gains an average of about 34,000 new followers a day on Instagram, where she posts photos of herself in various outfits — sometimes sponsored posts from brands like Fashion Nova and Adam and Eve.

Recently Lana Rhoades launched her own merchandise line, not unlike the Maverick line that Logan Paul launched a few years.

Lana Rhoades named her the fuck boy collection.

Lana Rhoades went to the Super Bowl in Miami this year with Logan Paul and Mike Majlak. They’ve been all but inseparable ever since.


Who’s More Famous – Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian


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Every day millions of people pull out their phones and search for all kinds of crazy things, including news about their favorite celebrities.

So that got me thinking, just who is more famous, Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian? Well if we base it on how many times a day someone Googles them, we know that answer is Kim Kardashian, but just barely.

Who's More Famous - Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian

Over the past twelve months, Kim Kardashian gets slightly more searches than Taylor Swift does. They both get upwards of 10 million monthly searches each. But according to Google Trends, Kim Kardashian inches out Taylor Swift with a rating of 36, to Taylor Swift’s 34.

In the graph blue in Kim Kardashian and red is Taylor Swift.

Talking about cutting it close!

So be honest, who is your favorite, Kim or Taylor? Tell us in the comments down below!

Do you love Taylor for her music of Kim for her drama?

Political Drama – I challenge you!


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I was at a friend’s house the other day and he had a booklet of sorts on his table called 3 CFR. I looked at the strange cover and asked him what it was. He tells me it’s a book on the code of federal regulations that he had picked up recently.

Why in the world would you need that‘ I asked? I mean seriously … who has a book of government rules and regulations just lying around?

He looked at me like I had a second head or something. “I can’t very well debate a subject I know nothing about,” he says.

See, my friend had grown up in a politically liberal family but as he grew up he found himself more and more aligned with conservative views. This caused a rift in his family whenever they would get together and inevitably the subject of politics would come up.

So he decided instead of fighting based on opinions, he would arm himself with facts and he bought the actual government rule book on the duties of the presidential office to help him do that so that the next time he had dinner with his family, he could be better informed.

I don’t know but I just found that funny. But I have to give the guy credit. I mean the best way to win an argument is to know your subject matter.

Then it got me thinking. This guy has spent more time researching politics in the last 3 days than I have spent on the subject my entire life.

I’m ashamed to admit it but I know more about the Kardashians than I do about the legislative branch.

And I know I’m not alone. Many of my friends just find it easier to avoid the subject of politics all together than to get into the explosive debates or arguments that take place online about our political candidates.

How can I say I’m proud to be an American if I don’t really even put in the effort to be a part of the very system of laws that make our country so great?

Political Drama

I love the rights and freedoms that I have but I don’t take part in the process to secure them with something as simple as an informed decision (aka a vote)?

I’ve decided this year I’m going to be different. This year, I’m going to make an effort to learn about the candidates in the upcoming election.

I’m not just going to say I’m a republican or a democrat, but actually, listen to the issues and vote come 2020 based on which candidate supports the issues that matter to me.

I also encourage you to do the same.

It doesn’t matter what those issues are – as long as they matter to you, then that’s what you should vote for.

More than just encourage, I challenge you to spent just a few hours over the next few months to think about what matters to you and then find the candidate that supports those very issues.

  • Do you care about tax breaks for the middle class?
  • Are you pro-life or pro-choice?
  • Do you want government funded healthcare?
  • What about your stance on immigration?

It truly doesn’t matter to me what your views are … you can feel however you want. you won’t see me arguing with you about them. All I ask is that you figure out what issues do matter to you and then come election time, go out there and vote for the candidate that supports the issues you care about – whatever those issues may be.

That’s my challenge to you!




Have you sen The Travelers on Netflix? Love it!


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For those who haven’t heard of it, the Travelers is a TV series currently available on Netflix. They have three seasons available now and season 4 is probably going to be released around the end of 2019.

Many centuries into the future, the Earth’s population has dwindled to almost nothing — but the survivors have discovered the key to time travel. Desperate to save humanity, a group enters the 21st century on a mission to avert disaster.

The show is set in modern day time, but it’s based on the future, a post-apocalyptic future, where things are so bad, they gave control of their lives to a super smart computer AI (artificial intelligence) known as “The Director”.

Let's talk about The Travelers on Netflix

Like we volunteer for military service, in the future, they volunteer for the Travelers program, which means they give up their lives in the future (hundreds of years) to return to the 21st century and try and save the world.

They use historical data to find someone who died in our time and then replace that person with the conscientious of someone from the future.

For example, there is this FBI special agent who would have died from a fall down an open elevator shaft while in pursuit of a suspected killer. Just moments before he would have died, The Director sent a traveler from the future known as 3468 (they all go by numbers instead of names in the future). So now Travelers 3468 takes over the life of FBI Special Agent Grant MacLaren in all ways. Only he also secretly goes in missions to help save the world from what will turn out to be a horrible future.

The travelers come over in groups of 5, each taking over the life of someone who would have historically died.

They all live by a set of 6 rules they call protocols.

  • Protocol 1: The mission comes first.
  • Protocol 2: Never jeopardize your cover.
  • Protocol 3: Don’t take a life; don’t save a life, unless otherwise directed. Do not interfere.
  • Protocol 4: Do not reproduce.
  • Protocol 5: In the absence of direction, maintain your host’s life.
  • Protocol 6: Do not communicate with other known travelers outside of your team unless sanctioned by the Director.

Season 3 was just released on Netflix. Here is the trailer for it.

If you don’t have Netflix, don’t worry. you can catch the 1st season on YouTube for $17.99 or $19.99 for the HD version.

The 15 Most Expensive Paintings Ever sold


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15) In 2013 the Francis Bacon painting called “Three Studies of Lucian Freud” sold for $142.4 million at auction.

Three Studies of Lucian Freud

In 1969, Irish artist Bacon painted his friend and artistic rival Lucian Freud as a distorted figure in a cage. Not once, but thrice in separate panels as a triptych. Bold, unsettling and strangely beautiful, the piece sold to Elaine Wynn, ex-wife of casino mogul Steve Wynn, at Christie’s New York for what was then a record-setting art auction price.

14) In 2016 the Gustav Klimt painting called “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer II” sold for $150 million at a private sale.

Austrian artist Klimt painted this vivid, Impressionist portrait of an industrialist’s wife in 1912.  It was one of two formal portraits he painted of Bloch-Bauer, the first 1907 version from Klimt’s so-called “Golden Phase” being the more famous of the pair.

Both pieces were looted by the Nazis during World War II, then given to Vienna’s Galerie Belvedere museum after the war. Following a years-long legal battle, in 2006 the Bloch-Bauer estate regained ownership of the artworks and promptly sold them. The buyer of this 1912 portrait was Oprah Winfrey, who in turn sold it to an unidentified buyer in China. If you’d like to see the 1907 version, it’s currently displayed in New York’s Neue Galerie.

13) In 2013 the painting by Pablo Picasso called “Le Rêve” sold for $155 million in a private sale.

The French title of Picasso’s erotic 1932 painting of his mistress, Marie-Thérèse Walter, translates to “The Dream.” But for casino mogul Steve Wynn, his 12-year ownership of the artwork turned into a nightmare on one fateful Las Vegas afternoon in 2006.

Wynn had just agreed to sell his prized Picasso to billionaire Steven A. Cohen for $139-million. But first wanted to show off the painting to a few friends in his casino office. Talking excitedly about its provenance and gesturing wildly, Wynn accidentally thrust his elbow through the canvas, causing a six-inch tear that instantly devalued the painting roughly $55-million and negated the deal with Cohen. Among the stunned onlookers, that day was screenwriter Nora Ephron, who recounted the scene in a must-read blog for the Huffington Post.

Cohen eventually bought the repaired canvas for a hefty sum. And one can only guess how many times he’s taken a magnifying glass to the spot where Steve Wynn once punched a hole in a Picasso.

12) In 2018 the Amedeo Modigliani painting called “Nu couché (sur le côté gauche)” sold for $157.2 million at auction.

The newest entry on the list, Italian artist Modigliani’s 1917 modernist painting of a reclining nude set a new all-time Sotheby’s New York auction price record when it sold to a so-far anonymous buyer in May 2018. It’s not the artist’s most famed nude, which is “Nu couché,” but it’s bigger (nearly 5 feet by 3 feet) and features the entire female figure from head to toe, an anomaly in his work.

If you’re unfamiliar with the artist, Netflix the 2004 bio-pic “Modigliani,” starring Andy Garcia as the titular character. The historical facts aren’t entirely accurate, but hey, that’s Hollywood.

11) In 2017 Roy Lichtenstein’s “Masterpiece” sold for $165 million in a private sale.

Inspired by comic book illustrations, Lichtenstein’s 1962 pop art piece has been called a tongue-in-cheek joke that portended the artist’s own celebrated career. “Masterpiece” stands alongside pieces such as “Whaam!” and “Look Mickey” as his most famous works. So it’s no surprise hedge-fund billionaire and noted pop art collector Steven A. Cohen paid through the nose to acquire it.

10) In 2015 Amedeo Modigliani’s “Nu couché” sold for $170.4 million at a private auction.

The piece, Modigliani’s most famous nude, made its public debut at the artist’s 1917 solo exhibition in Paris, which was promptly shut down by police over charges of obscenity. Flash forward to a 2015 Christie’s New York auction, in which it took an obscenely high bid to win the artwork for Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian, who reportedly paid with his American Express card.

9) In 2015 Pablo Picasso’s “Les Femmes d’ Alger” (“Version O”) sold for $179.4 million at auction.

"Les Femmes d' Alger" ("Version O")

Part of Picasso’s 1954-55 series titled “Les Femmes d’Alger” (“Women of Algiers”), this vibrant cubism tribute to artists he revered (Delacroix, Matisse, Renoir) found the master at the top of his game and fetched a pretty penny at the bang of a Christie’s New York gavel. The buyer was Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, former prime minister of Qatar.

8) In 2015 Rembrandt van Rijn’s “Pendant portraits of Maerten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit” sold for $180 million in a private sale.

Pendant portraits of Maerten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit

Classic portraiture seldom fetches stratospheric sums, but when a pair of 1634 wedding portraits by Rembrandt came on the market, you better believe the Louvre and Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum (who jointly bought the artworks) stepped up with beaucoup bucks.

Art historians agree these masterful renderings of Dutch high-society newlyweds must always be displayed together, so the museums take turns hosting them. Newly restored, they’ll be hanging in the Louvre beginning in September 2018.

7) In 2012 the Gustav Klimt “Wasserschlangen II” painting sold for $183.8 million at a private sale.

Painted during Klimt’s celebrated “Golden Phase,” in which his use of gold leaf lent to stunning work, this serene 1904 painting features curvaceous “water serpents” adorned with shimmering stars and barnacles.

The piece was one of many high-dollar artworks (including paintings by Gauguin and Rodin) that Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev purchased from infamous Swiss art dealer Yves Bouvier. The two have since become entangled in a high-profile, ongoing fraud/art theft/money laundering/tax evasion imbroglio the art world has dubbed the “Bouvier Affair.”

6) In 2014 Mark Rothko’s “No. 6 (Violet, Green and Red)” sold for $186 million at a private sale.

Russian-American abstract-expressionist Rothko’s hallmark “multiform” paintings (two to three rectangular blocks of contrasting yet complementary colors) aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But his profound influence on contemporary art cannot be denied. The sale of “No. 6” marked a late chapter in the scandalous “Bouvier Affair” (see No. 7 on this list: “Wasserschlangen II”).

5) In 2015 the Jackson Pollock painting called “Number 17A” sold for $200 million at a private sale.

This 1948 “drip painting” by Pollock not only commanded an eye-popping price when David Geffen sold it to Citadel billionaire Kenneth C. Griffin, it elicited the usual cries from Pollock critics whose gripe de rigueur is “Ridiculous! Even I could paint that mess!” Perhaps, but you didn’t invent a radical technique that’s been compared to putting a Miles Davis song on canvas. Nor are you arguably the most important American abstract painter of the 20th Century.

4) In 2014 Paul Gaugin’s “Nafea Faa Ipoipo” sold for $210 million at a private sale.

French post-impressionist Gauguin’s first-ever trip to Tahiti resulted in several paintings of its native women, including this 1892 oil on canvas that was met with critical indifference upon his return to France. The painting’s title translates to “When Will You Marry?”

In the fall of 2014, Sheikha Al-Mayassa of Qatar said “I do” to the piece — to the tune of more than $200-million.

3) In 2011 the Paul Cézanne painting called “The Card Players” sold for an estimated $250 to 300 million in a private sale.

One of five paintings in the French master’s 1890s’ series titled “The Card Players,” it features a pair of Provencal peasants seated at a table, immersed in a card game, studying their hands. Art critics have called it a “human still life.” A New Yorker cartoon poked fun at the notion by depicting the subjects playing not for money, but rather fruit.

This version of “The Card Players” was purchased by the Royal Family of Qatar and is not on public display. However, you can see other paintings in the series at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Philadelphia’s Barnes Foundation museum and Paris’ Musée d’Orsay.

2) One of my person favorites, the Willem de Kooning called “Interchange” sold for $300 million at a private sale.

Behold the priciest contemporary painting ever sold: Dutch-American artist Willem de Kooning’s famed 1955 abstract-expressionist work inspired by his surroundings while living in NYC. Does the piece speak to you? Or do you find it a colossal waste of cash?

Sold by the David Geffen Foundation and purchased by hedge fund billionaire Kenneth C. Griffin (of Citadel), the piece was part of a $500-million package that included Jackson Pollock’s “Number 17A” ($300 for the de Kooning; $200 for the Pollock), which ranked No. 5 on this list.

Want to see “Interchange” in person? It’s currently on loan and displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago.

1) The most expensive painting ever sold is Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi”. In 2017 it was sold at auction for $450.3 million.

Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci

A circa-1500 da Vinci painting of Jesus Christ holding a crystal orb representing the “crystalline sphere” of the heavens? Ka-ching! There are only a handful of the master’s paintings that art historians generally accept as the genuine article, and “Savior of the World” is one. At the time of its record-breaking sale, it was also da Vinci’s only work held in a private collection; the rest are in museums or churches.

So who won the most expensive artwork ever sold at its headline-grabbing Christie’s New York auction? The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, who purchased it on behalf of the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture & Tourism. In September 2018, this Renaissance treasure goes on public display at the Louvre Abu Dhabi.


Why is everything a “hack”?


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I hate the way everyone calls everything a hack — life hack this, beauty hack that. It gets old especially when some of the advice given is beyond stupid.

Case in point today I watched a beauty hack about chapped lips. Let me make it easy for you if have chapped lips, GET SOME CHAPSTICK! It will cost you $1.00 at your local Wal-mart. But these “gurus” have a beauty hack for you that will cost you more money and a long time.

They say to mix honey with olive oil and sugar, then take the mixture and massage it into your lips for two minutes. It will cost more money to buy those things to make the mixture than it would cost you to buy some chapstick or lipgloss. Also, two minutes of massaging anything into your lips will only cause further irritation and possibly swelling of your lips. Not to mention how tired your poor arms might be after 2 minutes of nonstop rubbing.

I’m not saying all life hacks or beauty hacks are bad but why do we have to call EVERYTHING a hack? Why not call it a beauty tip or a DIY project?

I watched a video recently about how you can use a hot glue gun to make yourself a phone case. REALLY? Just go to Amazon and you can probably find one for less than $5! Sure it won’t be fancy but then again, neither is a hot glue created one. Plus it the heat of the hot glue might damage your phone.

I was recently reading an article about the best long-wearing liquid lipstick. It was a great article that was rather informative. And you know what it never said? It never once called anything a beauty hack! It was just an article that gave you valuable information.

I don’t know about you but life is too short and my time is far too valuable to waste time on all these DIY “hacks”.


My DoorDash.com Delivery Nightmare. #BuyerBeware


As I get older I have found that I’m starting to look for services that make my life easier. Time is the one thing I just don’t seem to have enough of.

As I’ve talked about before, I use grocery services like Walmart grocery where I just place an order online and go pick up my order without even having to get out of my car. I know that sounds lazy and it is. LOL But it also saves me about an hour or so a week. That’s an hour I can never get back. That’s an hour I can spend doing things that matter to me.

Another thing I’ve done recently is check into some food delivery services, especially love having my food delivered right to my door on weekends when I want to do nothing but relax.

The one I’ve been using the most is called Door Dash. Until recently I’ve had no problems with them. But then again, it only takes once before what seems like a dream can become a total nightmare.

It was raining last night and I didn’t feel like getting out to pick up food or even cook anything at home. So instead I placed an order with Sonic and had DoorDash.com deliver it to me.

About half an hour later I got a phone call from the delivery driver. This was the first time that has happened to me. He wasn’t really making a lot of sense and he wasn’t speaking in full and complete sentences. It was mostly just mumblings about the weather, and not sure where I live (as best I could gather).

I explained that I was new to the area so I wasn’t sure what the cross streets near me even were and suggested he instead called door dash support for help. He declined. I asked, don’t they provide you something like Google maps to find your deliveries? No response.

Finally, after about 5 minutes of this, I said that maybe he should just call another dasher and have them deliver my order. “No, I have your food”. Okay, fair enough. After another few minutes of this, I said you know it’s fine. Just go ahead and cancel my order. It’s not worth this much drama and stress just to get a burger from Sonic. I repeated t hat i wanted to just cancel 3 times. He was like “No, no I”m right here.”

In fact, he was right here that last time, as I seen him pull up in front of my house.

I was amused to find he was driving a large truck. By the way he was going on about the rain, I assumed he was in a tiny car that he was worried might float away. This guy’s truck was so big he could probably drive through 2 or 3 feet of water and it not be a problem. So why was he bitching about 2 inches?

As it was raining quite a bit, I suggested he pull into my driveway so he wouldn’t get so wet. He said “oh okay” but decided instead to pull right into my front yard with his big ass truck. No, he didn’t reverse. He left his big ass truck in my front yard, got out, ran up to my door to deliver my food and then went back to his truck.

As you know, when it rains dirt becomes mud. So when you drive through someone’s front yard it kills off the grass and makes large muddy holes in your yard. To repair this is will probably cost me a few hundred dollars. Know what DoorDash did when I reported it?

They sent me a nice email telling me they were sorry for my troubles and give me a whole $5 credit for the hassle. $5. LOL

By now it was 10 pm on a Sunday night, I figured not much else I could do. I couldn’t even go out and take pictures of the damage. I knew I would have to wait until the morning so I went to bed. I woke up with a new message from customer support, informing me not to worry they were fully insured. But to get help I would have to file a claim against my homeowner’s insurance.

Now I’m a renter so I can’t file a claim but even if I was a homeowner I wouldn’t file a claim. No way in heck would I do that. Everyone knows that if you file a claim it makes your premiums skyrocket.

Long story short, my $15 Sonic order just got me about $500 in damage to my lawn. And the budget wasn’t even that good.

I was more than willing to pay over-inflated prices for delivery because I’m lazy and don’t want to go out and pick up my own food. But this was far more than I bargained for.

Let’s talk about HEB’s SHIPT and why you should avoid them at all costs


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I’ve long been a fan of the Wal-mart grocery pickup since it first came to my area. But recently I heard about a new service, that makes grocery shopping even easier. Instead of having to get in your car and go all the way to the store to pick up the groceries you were too lazy to shop for, this new service from HEB will deliver them right to your front door. That is my kind of lazy!

Let's talk about HEB's SHIPT and why you should avoid them at all costs

Unlike Walmart Grocery, HEB’s grocery shopping service charges you a monthly fee, whether you use it or not.

You can pay $99 a year or $8.25 a month.

If I agreed to pay the full year up front, the $99 fee, they said they would give me a two-week trial and if I wasn’t happy I could cancel anytime. Luckily for me, I selected that option so this whole fiasco didn’t cost me a thing.

Well by not costing me a thing I meant the monthly fees from this service.

I signed up for the service and went right to work at placing my grocery order. I found that most items were slightly more expensive than Walmart’s grocery. For example, they charge $.29 per banana whereas Walmart charges .$19.

That still wasn’t a big deal for me. After I selected my items I attempted to place my order.  I pressed the GET IT SHIPT! button and nothing appeared to happen, in reality, it did – as it charged my account, only I just didn’t know it. I tried again and it said my card and it said it was declined. I had recently moved so I wondered if it were a problem with my zip code. I tried again and again it said my card was declined. That’s a total of 3 times being declined.

I then changed cards and used another account. Again it appeared to do nothing so I pressed submit again after waiting a fair amount of time. It said I didn’t select a delivery time, so I assumed logically oh that’s why nothing happened the first time. I selected a delivery time, then pressed submit and again it failed.

I won’t continue to bore you with all the details. In all, they ended up charging my accounts a total of 7 times.

Declined usually means they couldn’t charge my account because the bank refused the transaction for a variety of reasons. However, that isn’t apparently what it meant to this computer.

$902.90 later, I still didn’t have any groceries. I freaked. These people just took $902.90 out of my checking accounts (I have two of them), and they still didn’t even complete my order.

When I went to speak to their support, they informed me they can’t refund my money because the charges were declined on my bank’s end and the bank has my money. Yes, I swear that’s word for word what he told me.

I tried to explain that I’m looking at my computer screen and I can see every transaction that they charged me for.

The bank had put a temporary hold on the account thinking it might be fraud but when I said, no I shopped at HEB’s SHIPT today, they cleared the transactions, all 7 of them.

Now I’m sitting here with $902.90 taken out of my checking account and still no groceries.

Who charges someone 7 times for groceries? Well apparently HEB does.

The customer service rep named James then tells me that the reason for the problem is that they are a new company, under 2 years old so the banks are suspicious of them.

I wanted to say dude no, the banks are suspicious of you because you keep banging out your customer’s credit cards.

In the end, after trying to deal with James for almost half an hour I gave up. Instead, I called my bank back and had a long talk with them about what happened. They confirmed the charges did, in fact, go through that the security hold on my card had in fact been lifted when I confirmed the charges were legit but they ended up doing 7 chargebacks for me because the company themselves wouldn’t cooperate.

The good news is, it’s a big deal for a new company with a new merchant account to get a chargeback and they just got 7 of them. Not only are they charged $25 to $35 per transaction that got chargebacked but they also get a big hit on their account and that means that if their percentage of chargebacks goes above 1% or 2% (depending on the bank), they will lose their merchant account altogether, meaning they can’t process credit cards anymore for anyone.

For an online company that depends on the ability to process credit cards to survive, that’s a big deal.

I will eventually get my $900 back from my bank, but it may take up to 72 hours. I only hope that in that time no other charges come through which could cause me to bounce a check.

My conclusion is that HEB sucks and SHIPT.COM sucks even more! Stick with Walmart grocery and save yourself the hassle and the money.

I wanted to update you with my latest attempt to use their service. In August of 2017, the Houston area was hit by severe floods, especially in the area of Kingwood, Texas.

I went to order somethings from Shipt during this time and got quick the shot. Normally a 32 count case of Aquafina water costs less than $6. They upped the price to almost $10 per case.

What kind of company takes advantage of people who need water during a natural disaster?  Well, apparently SHIPT does.

I hope that you keep that in mind if you decide to use a grocery delivery service like Shipt.