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I’ve been playing a new game, it’s the Township app for my iPhone. I did pretty good until I got to about level 30 but I also spent way to much real money buying Township Cash. That I didn’t want to do anymore but I found myself struggling, until I did the math.

So how do you earn enough money to do well in the game without spending real life money? The answer is farming wheat.

Township Game

Simply put, wheat takes 2 minutes to grow. It’s free to plan and in return you are paid 1 gold coin and 1 experience point.

If you have the super harvest bonus activated, you’ll make 2 gold because you’ll harvest 2x as much.

At level 38, I have 55 farming plots available.

That means I can plant 55 wheat plots that will take 2 minutes to grow. Because I have the super harvest bonus activated, I get 110 gold every 2 minutes. This works out to be 55 gold per minute.

I could take that wheat and instead of selling it outright turn it into bread which sells for 5 coins each and gives 2 experience points each. But if you do the math, that doesn’t pay as much per minute.

So the answer is, to make the most money you can in the Township game, you need to grow wheat and sell it as fast and as often as you can.