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Having writers block? Can’t think of what to write about? How about turn to the Internet. Can the internet really spur your imagination? Sure! Absolutely.

How about you try out one of those online idea generators? You may get funny and inspirational ideas for anything from advice to tech support excuses.

There are billions of ways to yield ideas and come up with new concepts for your projects. You’re able to utilize your subconscious to come up with an idea or you’re able to consult the Idea Generator (an online tool) for random affiliations.

Just Google online idea generator to find one.

Tools like these are great because they gives you combinations of terms that are commonly unrelated, but your mind will still try and affiliate them. This exercise will produce lines of thoughts that may be entirely refreshing.

Add to the 3 generated words a few keywords from your own project and you get an infinite list of inspirational sentences. Most of them will be non-sense, but they could still give you a seed for an idea. Naturally you’re able to simply utilize a dictionary for this purpose, but this tool is handier.