At least once a week I see a commercial for the Sleep Number bed. Each time it goes on and on about how fabulous it is. I hate to admit it, but I fell for the marketing hype and actually bought one of these beds.

Sleep Number BedThe first thing that stuck out to me was what the bed was made of … inside was nothing more than two air mattresses (side by side) covered in a lining. If you add more air the mattress is firmer and if you let out some of the air, the mattress is softer.

Only it’s not really a bed mattress, you are in fact sleeping on an air mattress, not unlike the $2 ones you pick up at your local Walmart to play with during the summer.

The top mattress has a problem staying on top of the bed frame. When you wake up you can find it has moved as much as a full foot down.

This slippage is a commonly reported problem among several of the models but most often among the lower end scales, those which sale for less than $1,000.

Because of the way the bed is made, if one side has a low number, the other side a higher (or firmer) number, and you happen to move over in the middle of the night and get half way on your side, halfway on the other side, you can wake up with a severe pinch or sharp pain in your back. It is reported by people to feel like a “horribly painful muscle spasm”. When I first heard about this I didn’t personally experience it. However one night my husband was out of town and I did move over onto his side while he was away, during my sleep and woke up in the most horrible pain in my life. I couldn’t breath. I thought someone had punched me in the ribs. It was beyond painful.

Let me just make it simple for you and say do yourself a huge favor and avoid buying a bed like this at all costs. It’s the worst investment in furniture I ever made.

The commercials flat out lie. It will not be the best night’s sleep you’ve ever got and the longer you own this piece of crap bed, the more you realize your mistake for buying it in the first place.

The Sleep Number Bed Sucks!