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We are quick to talk about “those immigrants” as if being an immigrant was a bad thing. But in reality, there is a vast difference between an illegal and a legal immigrant.

All of us, unless you were born a Native American come from an immigrant. Some of us come from Irish immigrants, some from English immigrants, some from German. The point was, at one point we all came from someone else.
Immigration to the US isn’t a bad thing. The “bad” thing, is when you have a person here in the United States illegally.

While when talking about “those immigrants” in a bad way, most of us probably mean “those illegals” but without thinking about it, don’t say it the right way so that causes some confusion and hostile feelings.

I think one of the key points in immigration reform should be the mandatory return of all criminal aliens. If a person comes to the US as our guest and hasn’t yet become a legal US citizen, and they can’t follow our rules (laws) then they need to go back home.

Most counties have these sort of laws in place and even go as far as saying if you are a criminal or known drug user then you can’t come to their country, even as a tourist. This is why sometimes you’ll hear about a celebrity being denied entry into certain counties.

Now let’s talk about birthright citizen. This has been a hot topic in this year’s election. Basically if a person is born in the United States they are automatically a citizenship of the United States, even if their parents are in the United States illegally. Some people thing we should modify the law tos ay that birthright citizenship only applies if your parents are in the United States legally. The experts are saying that this open ended birthright citizen policy we currently have is the biggest magnet for illegal immigration.

No matter what side of the immigration war you may be on, we can’t just end it all together. Without immigration we wouldn’t have some great American citizens like Walt Disney. His parents were in fact Irish immigrants to Canada that only moved to California in 1878 looking for gold. Several years later Walt Disney would be born in the US, to his immigrant parents. What would America be without Walt Disney? Could you imagine?

Walt Disney

How about Elvis Presley? He’s a cultural icon. We all know he was born in Tupelo, Mississippi but his family wasn’t always American. They came to the US from Germany.

Elvis Presley

I guess the point I’m really trying to drive home is that there is a vast difference between a legal and illegal immigrant and by not clarifying our problem with “those immigrants” when we talk about our problem with them, it looks like we are hating on all immigrants, when in reality those who are legal have made amazing contributions to America.